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Apple has just celebrated its 8th birthday. When Steve Jobs came in as Apple’s CEO in 1979, Apple was just trying to get a foothold in a competitive marketplace dominated by Microsoft and its partners.

Michael Dell, the founder of Unity Dell Company, said that if Steve Jobs was in place, he would close the Apple company and return the money to all shareholders.

Today, we have been digging you into Apple’s inaugural situation and race to its grand success. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak together with Apple Company on April 9, 1979 in Los Altos, California.

They also had another co-founder of the company: Ronald Wayne. Jobs brought Wayne on board to give him professional guidance. Weenie first made Apple’s brand logo with his own hands.

But he left the Apple company until the company was formally launched. He took a check for eight hundred dollars for his share in the company.

Apple’s first office was founded in Steve Jobs’ garage. Apple’s first product was Apple Fast. It was made with a motherboard, a processor and some memory.

After the product was purchased, the keyboard and monitor had to be manually added to it. It was sold by the company for $ 1.8 million at the time. Apple Fast was created by Steve Wozniak. He made all the kits by hand.

That’s when Steve Jobs took over the management and operations of the company. Having a time of flourishing personal computer market, he worked to attract investors.

That’s when Jobs succeeded in bringing Mike Mercula to Apple. He entered Apple with an investment of Rs. By this point he invested one-third in the company.

Under the guidance of Mercula, Apple Company was officially established as a corporate company in 1979. At the suggestion of Markula, the first CEO and chairman of the company, Michael Scott, was brought to the company.

At that time, Jobs was deemed too young and inadequate to serve as CEO. In 1979, the company introduced Apple Second Computer. The personal computer designed by Steve Wozniak brought storms around the world.

Viscealk was a killer app in Apple seconds. It was a ground-breaking spreadsheet software, which provided Apple’s computers with the strength to go ahead with the computers of companies such as Tandy and Commodore that were leading the market at the time.

Because of VisiCalc, Apple succeeded in selling its Apple Second Computer to its business customers. In 1959 Apple’s own office became. He had his own staff. He was also working on Apple Second’s product line.

Apple Second C Keyboard on Apple Computer Plant Source: Bettmann / CORBIS / Bettmann Archive
Xerox PARC Lab is well-known worldwide for its technological breakthroughs. In this lab, laser printer, mouse and Ethernet networking are made. In 1979, Apple’s engineers had the opportunity to tour the PARC campus for three days.

The visit was organized at a time when PARC signed a deal to buy Apple’s one million book shares at $ 1 a pound. 1969 Apple Company Announces Apple Third It was a business-focused computer.

This computer was made public to compete with IBM and Microsoft computers. But this computer was only on the market for a short time. At that time, Steve Jobs found that Xerox PARC had the ability to think in different directions.

At the same time Xerox PARC helped Jobs to figure out the future of computing in the graphical user interface GUI. Today we are using the same GUI.

Jobs then took the lead in putting the GUI on Apple’s new generation computer Lisa. But he was left out of the project due to internal competition within the company. Lisa went public in 1959.

1919 Steve Jobs with Lisa Computer. Source: ed Thai / The LIFE Picture Collection / Getty Images
Which was a topic of great debate at that time. But due to the expensive price and not enough software support, its sales became very fatal.

Jobs got the chance to be involved in Apple’s second project. The project was to make Apple’s Macintosh, Apple’s most user-friendly computer of all time. It has become very popular among graphic design professionals. It is still very expensive.

In 1949, Apple Company’s Macintosh went public, and John Scully entered Apple as the new CEO. Scully had served as the youngest CEO of a Pepsi company.

Jobs brought Scully to Apple with the question of whether you want to sell a lot of sugar and water or come with me and change the world.

In 1989, Apple’s first TV commercial was released. Ridley Scott directed the advertisement. At that time, the company made $ 1 million in advertising. The name of the ad was given 1949.

That’s when the tension between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates broke out. Microsoft has been working hard to build software for Macintosh.

Microsoft revealed that it was working on a graphical user interface called Windows. Because of that, Apple’s plan failed suddenly in 1979. Sales of Macintosh were widespread. But he could not disrupt IBM’s dominance.

This led to disagreements between Jobs, the chief of the Macintosh group, who wanted to work on his own, and CEO Scully, who wanted to work harder with Lisa’s deadly business and future product after his disappointment with Macintosh.

Apple’s board instructed school to control Jobs. In 1959, the situation reached its peak. Jabs then kicked out of school. But Apple’s board, in favor of Scully, removed Jobs from his managerial role.

Persistent, full of talent, Jobs left the Apple Company and founded another computer company Next. Where he had complete control. At that time, Wezniak also left the company by selling most of his shares, saying the company was going in the wrong direction.

Schooling is now open at Apple Company with Jobs out. In the beginning everything was fine. Apple launches its first PowerBook laptop and System Seven operating system. System Seven added color to the Macintosh operating system.

After that, the Apple company was hanging on the update of OA X, released on the 5th. In 1979, Apple entered the new market. He could not perform well. Apple suffered one of the biggest product failures in the 90s.

Which was the Newton Message Pad of June 1949. It was a product based on the concept of schooling. This created a market for personal digital assistants. It cost $ 5. But it did more than just take notes and track the contact.

But the school’s biggest and long-lasting mistake is that they spent a lot of time and money to bring System Seven to the brand new IBM Motorola Power PC micro processor instead of the Dominant Intel processor architecture.

Most of the software was written as an Intel processor, and it was getting cheaper every year. At that time, Microsoft’s influence was growing. Mac was delivering great, but limited software on expensive computers.

At that time, Microsoft was selling Windows 7 on cheap and commodity computers. Apple’s board had made many wrong decisions at that time. In which many high profile failures were also made from expensive decisions like going to Power PC.

Apple lost its first quarter earnings in 1979. CEO Scully then resigned. Michael Spindler comes to Apple as the new CEO. He was a German citizen and had been associated with Apple since 1959.

One of the major mistakes made in the school’s power PC was following Spindler’s tenure. In 1959 the first machine that was run on a power PC became public. But as Microsoft’s flight height approached, Apple’s business map was sloping.

During Spindler’s tenure there were talks of buying ownership of companies like IBM, Sun Microsystems and Philips. But after that failure, Apple’s board removed Gillette Emilio as CEO in 1979, removing Spindler.

Emilio’s tenure also remained problematic. During his tenure, Apple suffered the biggest blow to his income for twelve years. Emilio bought his company Next Computer for $ 10 million in 1993 to bring Steve Jobs back to Apple.

On July 7 of that year, Jobs opened Apple’s board to become the CEO of the company by boardroom Koo. Apple selected him as interim CEO and a week later, Emilio resigned.

In 1979, Apple launched the well-known Think Different Aid campaign. In which famous artists, scientists and musicians participated. Under the leadership of Jobs, the company established a good relationship with Microsoft. Microsoft invested $ 100 million in Apple Circa in 1979.

It was a time of hardware and software. Jobs designed iMac under the leadership of Jonny Eve. It was the Al Ein Wan computer released in 1979. Jobs introduced Mac OS X based on Next Computer’s operating system, replacing System Seven.

Apple eventually transitioned to Intel-based system architecture. Apple produced two very impressive products in the decade of 2. The iPod on the 5th, which changed the market for MP3 three players and changed our way of listening to music.

Apple has also announced the ear Bud with Apple’s logo along with the iPod. But Apple’s single biggest achievement came in 7 years. When he brought the iPhone to the world market.

When this product came on the market, people were waiting outside the US store to buy it. Apple is now a multibillion-dollar company.

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