bill gates

There are more than 1 billion iPhone users in the world. Most of the high profile people in the world use iPhone. But Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is one of those people who doesn’t use an iPhone.

In a recent interview, Gates revealed that he doesn’t use an iPhone, and that he prefers to use an Android phone instead of an iPhone.

He said – I actually use an Android phone. Because I like to be up to date on everything. Most of my playing phones may be iPhones, but the ones I carry with me for use are Android phones.

It is clear from this that Gates has bought an iPhone but it is not in his daily communication use.

According to him, some Android manufacturers pre-install Microsoft software, which makes it easier for them to use Android phones.

Apple operating system is not a flexible operating system for customization like Android. Speaking on the subject, Gates said that the Android operating system is easy to connect the operating system with the software.

However, in iOS 14, Apple has made the iPhone more customizable and flexible than ever before. Also, Microsoft’s apps are easily available in the App Store, and the default browser and email client can also be easily changed.

In an interview with the new social media app Clubhouse, Bill Gates said that many of his friends have iPhones.

Interestingly, he said in an interview that he will use an Android phone, a social media app called Clubhouse is currently only available on the iPhone.

Although the app is not yet available on Android, the company is working to bring it to the Google Play Store.

Clubhouse is an audio chat social networking platform. It has been gaining widespread popularity in recent months. Tesla CEO Alan Musk has also used the platform.

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