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Do you want to try the Pilates exercise chair, but aren’t sure if you should? This article is for you. To help you decide if a Pilates chair is right for you, I’ll share the pros and cons with you. Let’s take a look now:

The pros and cons of using a Pilates Chair

The Pilates exercise chair is great for toning your entire body. It also provides a light cardio workout. It can also stretch and lengthen the muscles and strengthen the core (the lower back, hip flexors, and abs muscles).

A professional Pilates workout

If you use the Pilates Chair correctly, it can give you a Pilates-style workout.

Relatively cheap

It won’t set you back a lot and it is much more affordable than a Pilates machine, making it an excellent choice for those on a tight budget. The Pilates band is the only equipment that’s even cheaper.


The Pilates chair can be packed up and taken with you wherever you go.


The Pilates chair can be used in your home or office to do exercises.

This is why you might not want a Pilates chair

It can be very uncomfortable to use the Pilates exercise chair in the wrong way. To ensure that the correct way is used, make sure you read and watch the instructions booklet.


If you’re a beginner in Pilates, it is better to get a Pilates machine or take a few classes before you try the chair. It can be very difficult.

Not the best for weight loss

The Pilates exercise chair may not be right for you if your primary goal is to lose weight. Although the Pilates chair may help you lose some weight, it is more likely that you will gain some weight (muscle weighs more than fat). However, you will have more muscle definition and be leaner.

Storage space

You can use smaller Pilates equipment for home, such as the ring or band, if you have limited space. The Pilates chair isn’t too large, but it still requires space.

Now you should be able to determine if the Pilates exercise chair is right for you. You should make sure you are using it regularly so that it doesn’t get dusty.

You can read more about this chair in the Pilates Chair article. You should also consider a yoga support for your Pilates exercises.


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