Uterine rupture

Uterine rupture is one of the major problems for women. This is called ‘uterine vaginal prolapse’ in English.

The uterus coming into the vagina is called uterine rupture. The uterus is inside our pelvic cavity, behind the bladder, in front of the rectum. It is supported by muscles and ligaments in the pelvic cavity. When this muscle and ligaments lose elasticity, become weak, or have a problem, the uterus leaves its place and sags down. This is called uterine prolapse.

Who gets this problem most of the time?

  1. Usually older women. For those above 40-45 years of age who have stopped menstruating.
  2. Women who have had many children. This problem is also seen in those who have not given birth to a child.
  3. Forced and heavy work during maternity. The uterus swells during pregnancy. It takes about two months for the swollen uterus to come to the right place. If you do heavy work without the uterus coming to the right place, uterine prolapse can be a problem.
  4. If there is fibrite or tumor in the uterus.

What happens when the text falls?

When the uterus collapses, it is as if something heavy comes and sits in the vagina. In this case, the lower abdomen, lower back hurts and if there is a lot, it hurts from the thighs to the legs, it is uncomfortable. The amount of pain depends on the size of the uterus.

The problem of uterine prolapse can be understood by looking at its condition:

1. Uterine prolapse but not visible – In this case, the lower abdomen becomes heavy as if something heavy has come and sat in the vagina. The uterus is sagging but not visible from the outside.

2. Vaginal appearance outside the uterus – In this case, the cervix protrudes out of the vagina and is visible from the outside.

3. Uterine prolapse – In this case, the uterus protrudes completely from the vagina.


  1. – Initially, there is discomfort in the lower part of the abdomen. It feels like something heavy is coming and sitting in the vagina.
  2. – Pain around lower abdomen and waist.
  3. – When urinating, some things come and sit as if it is awkward.
  4. – Urine leaks or sometimes urinary incontinence.
  5. – If it is too much, it becomes awkward to walk and sit.


– Mismatch the activity and posture of our body. This means bending, bending, bending, or crouching while walking, sitting, standing, or in other situations. Similarly, when lifting heavy objects, use more force, forcibly lift heavy objects or do heavy work during pregnancy, standing for a long time.

  1. – In case of constipation, defecate by force.
  2. – Persistent coughing problem.
  3. – Weakening of pelvic muscles and ligaments.
  4. – To have many children. Injuries to the uterus during childbirth.
  5. – Excessive weight gain.
  6. – Alcohol and smoking.
  7. – Sexual style also affects. Having a lot of sex in the back can affect the uterus.
  8. – Having a tumor in the uterus.

Simple solution to the problem of uterine prolapse:

Maintaining posture

  1. – The spine is the main organ. If our posture is tilted, the condition of the spine is affected and there is a problem of uterine contractions falling down. When walking, sitting, sleeping, studying, whatever you do, your spine should always be straight and loose. This helps all the limbs to stay in the right place.
  2. – Do not lift heavy goods hastily and forcefully. When lifting, take a long and deep breath by balancing the body and lift slowly. But, don’t do any heavy stuff and heavy work when there is a problem.
  3. – Physical velocities like coughing, sneezing should be done carefully. It also causes embarrassment.
  4. – Do not stand and sit for a long time. You have to stand and work for a long time, rest for a while and work again.
  5. – Do not use force while defecating.

Eliminate constipation

Constant constipation and forced defecation can cause rectum and uterine prolapse. Therefore, the diet we eat should be constipating. In which the whole body should be a diet rich in fiber.

A fiber-rich diet to relieve constipation includes unprocessed whole grains, sprouted nuts, green vegetables and leafy vegetables, raw salads and all fruits.

In this case and in other cases also the food should be properly. The amount of grains we eat should be one part of rice, dhindo or roti, the same amount of green vegetables and raw salad. In this way, constipation does not occur if eaten in combination with all three in the daily diet.

Water should also be used properly to relieve constipation. Drink about 4 liters a day in summer and about 3 liters in winter.

Weight control according to height

Another reason for uterine prolapse is overweight. If the weight is too much, the uterus will shrink and fall down. So we have to keep our height according to our height and waist according to our chest.

People who are overweight should reduce the amount of food they eat (rice, dhindo or roti) by 25 percent. Accordingly, take one part grain, two parts green vegetables and the same amount of salad. In this way, by reducing the grains and increasing the vegetables and salads, the stomach will be filled with comfort and the excess weight will also be reduced.

To rest

The simplest treatment is to relax. When resting or sleeping, rest with a pillow under the hip, without a pillow on the head, in a sedentary, sedative or butterfly position. Even when sleeping, sleep with a pillow (about 4 inches) under the hip without a pillow over your head.

Don’t drink and don’t smoke.

Simple natural remedies

– Giving a cold bandage: Lightly thicken two clean cotton cloths to cover the entire lower abdomen. The water should stop after holding hands. For this, put a few pieces of ice in water. Now put a pillow under the hip.

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