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iPhone 13 along with three other variants were launched on September 14, 2021. This is the premier event by Apple as all their flagship phones and other devices were also launched. The launch of the iPhone and other announcements by Apple is keenly anticipated by the tech world for the whole year. But after the announcement everything is scrutinized with a magnifying glass as even the best company in the world is not spared by the critics for any shortcomings.

New models are launched as it gives Apple an edge over all its competitors, especially Samsung and Xiaomi, to showcase its strength. The four models are launched to suit different requirements and market segments. The most significant feature for app developers and iOS enthusiasts is the launch of the latest iOS 15.

Let us start with the new features, especially the camera, and then move on what is in store for the developers.

iOS 15: New Features

With the price starting from 699 dollars, Apple better come up with new features to lure new customers rather than just sticking with the hard-core fans. Most critics are telling this to Apple for years, and hardware-wise, this year is no different. The biggest question for the current user is whether to go for the upgrade from iPhone 12 or not. Let me discuss some standard features like a camera and other options so that you can decide for yourself.

iPhone 13 is also enabled with 5G as was iPhone 12. The camera features are the main draw as you are a fan of shooting videos then this new phone will help you a lot. With longer battery life, you will be amazed by the standard features of the iPhone 13 and Mini.

A new video shooting feature is called cinematic mode. This will automatically switch the focus between subjects to give the video the ambiance of a movie playing in a theater rather than a simple movie that is shot by a smartphone. Not just a gimmick as professional videographers, YouTubers, or any social media enthusiast. With the new A15 bionic processor, Apple has left no stone unturned in making new enhancements like these to make software work perfectly.

More will be discussed in the features for developers section, so stick on with this blog for more detailed insights.

Satellite Call

A great feature and one of the greatest app ideas anyone can come up with is a satellite call feature. This isn’t available in Android and that is why it can be termed as a masterstroke from Apple. But currently, it will only be available in case of an emergency. Even though this will be termed as something more of a marketing gimmick rather than anything else, still this is something out of the ordinary.

Features for Developers 

Coming back to how the new iOS 15 will work for the developers as they look to introduce new apps, this is surely going to be the burning question for the next few months. Until new apps which are using some or many features introduced by iOS 15 are launched in the market and tested by the end-users, we won’t know exactly its capabilities.

For the time being, let me offer you a preview as to what to expect from the latest OS by Apple and how the battle with Android will heat up with this.

Issues with the New iOS Version

Users who were offered the iOS 15 dev preview already reported some early feedback issues. This did not turn out to be a major issue or balloon into something bigger but affected a handful of users. Apple announced plans for XCode Cloud, a CI/CD service that provides tools for building apps and testing.

Changes to notification is another factor developers may use for better interaction with the app users. They will have more control over what notifications appear at them and when. It may look that it is not a good scenario for the app as push notification may also suffer but can turn out to be a user-friendly factor that will make iOS the preferred operating system.

Here, Android needs to come up with something good, and quickly too, so that iOS won’t have a field day in getting the attention of the smartphone users and run away with all the accolades. Furthermore, updates to Apple Apps, including Safari, comes as a breather for most users.

Ensuing Battle with Android

When you compare iOS with Android, it mostly depends upon what are your requirements and daily usage. No one can just term anyone superior over the other just for the heck of it as numerous factors have a say in deciding which one is better. For example, Android is far superior at organizing apps and letting people use apps like widgets perfectly.

Numerous security features help iOS users in protecting their data and privacy. This is one feature that is always marketed by iOS against Android as many apps on Google Play have some loopholes. Not much can be said about the app store as the onboarding process of getting a new app on is very complex and cumbersome, especially for the new entrants.

Final Word: What to Expect in the Future? 

In the near future, the battle between Android and iOS seems to be quite far as some of the features that I have discussed here will take some time to materialize. And in the meantime, Android will also come up with new options and features. For mobile app development companies, these are exciting times as a developer adept in both iOS and Android may find it hard to choose which one to prefer.

This may depend upon the number of orders from their customers, but they can prefer one based on the features and options. This can provide them every chance to create apps that are user-friendly and packed with powerful features to make an app do more, even with a mid-range smartphone, not having a flagship processor and other top-notch hardware features.

If you think that you can add something valuable to this blog or want to ask a question, you are more than welcome. For any feedback too, please use the comments section below.

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