Custom Foil Box offers a wide variety of custom printed boxes and packaging solutions for virtually any type of business. Foil Box are experts in printing, assembling, and marketing and shipping in this niche market, we are the top experts. Gold Foil Box have created thousands boxes for our clients all over the world. Our specialty is creating elegant, yet functional and attractive packages for high-ticket products and services.

Who are custom foil boxes for?

Obviously, they are for people who buy tons of stuff from your company! What is the purpose of custom foil boxes? To save money! What problems do custom foil boxes solve? They solve the problem of making the buyer feel good about buying from you. By putting his purchases into a personalized, “he’ll be glad he bought it from me” package, he’ll feel better about spending money on something he may not necessarily need but will enjoy having anyway.

If custom foil boxes are a good idea for your company?

To help you make this decision, I’m going to give you some hard numbers. First, here’s the Statistics for one of the companies I work with: Their sales last year were $14,500,000 and they use my services approximately one out of every four times they make a purchase. That means they put about 3,000 orders into my mailbox every month. Let’s see how much money those orders represent. Well, since they average about $600 apiece (I think that’s a pretty accurate average) that means their 3,000 orders were worth an average of $18,000 per month.

How do you order custom foil boxes?

In fact, right now I have 21,000 of them ready to go! All you have to do is give me the name and address of your customers and I’ll send them a nice letter, fill their orders and send them to you pre-paid and already addressed, and you can use them for your own internal promotions or give them away to your customers. One other thing: If you’re not already doing it, you should be sending announcements of all your new products by first-class mail. It costs less than half as much yet gives you a much better response

 What is the best way to promote custom foil boxes?

In addition to what I just wrote, you could offer a special discount, send a “free gift” with every order, run an advertisement in your newsletter, run an ad in your newspaper, give away prizes, hold a drawing, etc. The sky is the limit. Just make sure you do something to make your buyer feel good about buying from you! Update: My friend and client, Jeff Paul, sent me this information which explains the importance of using a tracking code when mailing premium packages… and how easy it is to forget! * Important note: The post office will not put a tracking code on a regular sized #10 envelope. You must use a larger size envelope (such as #9 or larger).

Craft foil boxes

A “foil box” is a box you put your coins in when you are done playing with them so you don’t lose them. This is an example of an “engagement device” which means using something to hold readers attention while you capture their interest. The “foil box” is a cheap way to package a sale. (A “foil” is a thin piece of metal you use to wrap around something else.) The “box” could be a white envelope, a brown paper bag, a magazine, a newspaper, or anything else that will hold the sales message. When you put your sales message in a foil box, you are packaging it in such a way that makes it look like an ordinary message.

How to create a custom foil box?

Foil boxes are the most inexpensive and yet most powerful display device you can use. You can create an incredible amount of interest with a foil box. A “foil box” is a box you put your coins in when you are done playing with them so you don’t lose them. This is an example of an “engagement device” which means using something to hold readers attention.

Packing of a custom foil box

Foil packs are almost always underrated. That’s because most people think they are only for products with an enormous markup. Not true. Even if your product has a very low retail price, it can still use a foil pack. The reason is simple: Foil packs help to make your product stand out in the crowded marketplace.


Don’t be afraid of customization. Customization is not expensive and it can really boost your response. Give your customers what they want!  Customized products have been proven to increase sales by 300%!  Customization is easy and fun. You don’t have to become a “craftsman” to do it.


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