MDRXB950BT B Review

Sony has been constantly renewing its line of wireless headphones since its inception. The latest model, the Sony mdrxb950bt b review, takes up the successful codes of this segment by adding a serious advantage: EXTRA BASS technology. But what is it worth against other competitors in this booming market? Here is our test to find out.

Sony MDRXB950BT B Review

In August 2021, Sony unveiled its most affordable pair of true wireless headphones . These are the WF-XB700s, which benefit from the historical know-how of the Japanese brand. Created in 1946, the reputation of this one is indeed more to make in the world of audio, and it is in particular what pushed me to choose this manufacturer rather than another like Apple or Beats which markets its own alternative, geared towards a more sporting audience .

Originally, I had the Sony WF-1000XM3, the full test of which can be found here . But I finally saved seventy-five euros after testing the Sony WF-XB700 for over a full month, which ultimately isn’t that different. So here is why this solution is just as interesting, what are its advantages and disadvantages and some useful details on how to choose them if you are hesitating with the more expensive version.

Sony WF-XB700 Datasheet

For starters, here’s what Sony shows when it comes to specifying the technical characteristics of its XB-700 wireless headphones on its official website:

  • Connectivity
  • Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0
  • No NFC
  • USB-C port on the case
  • Wireless charging (2 x three-point)
  • Format
  • In-ear
  • Truly Wireless ( true wireless )
  • Color: black or blue
  • Material: plastic
  • Waterproof earphones with IPX4 certification (but not the external battery)
  • Weight: about 16 grams per pair but 62 with the wireless charging box
  • Features (no app on iOS or Android)
  • No active noise reduction
  • Compatible voice assistants: Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa
  • Control via two push buttons (no touchpad)
  • No equalizer, but EXTRA BASS mode permanently engaged

Unboxing and Accessories

And there, no surprise: there are four sizes of pairs of silicone ear tips, to suit all sizes of ears, several user manuals or to invoke the warranty, the wireless charging box, and finally a USB-C male to USB male cable to power it. Only downside: it is particularly short, which drastically limits the situations in which we can recharge the Sony WF-XB700. Especially since no AC adapter is provided, which means that apart from a computer or an external battery, it will be complicated to recharge the duo safely.

Design and Comfort: 8/10

The most noticeable difference at first glance between the Sony WF-XB700 and their big brothers, is their external appearance: the new wireless headphones are indeed a little more protruding, sony mdrxb950bt b review while conversely their intra- part. The little finger seems shorter. So you might think they might easily fall out of the moving ear canal, but they don’t: they actually hold up just as well as the more expensive model, even when tested while running. They are even more difficult to remove when using the most imposing tips (essential to take full advantage of the EXTRA BASS mode), which must then be returned to the place because they are turned over during extraction. In addition, the buttons must be pushed too hard to work, and they are too small and therefore hard to use.

So much for ergonomics. As for the design, it must be said that we also benefit from a lower quality with the Sony WF-XB700 than with other high-end products. Certainly, their circular shape is as neutral as possible unlike AirPods and their “tail”, but the material used is completely different. Here, whether the hull or wireless headphones themselves, the material is not smooth but grainy and especially more flexible: you have to be careful because we feel that the housing cover may break easily (it is even a little transparent, allowing light to pass from the outside). Despite everything, the colors are also soberer, with black and blue, which makes the headphones almost unnoticed in everyday life.

Sony WF-XB700: Less Functionality?

Now let’s move on to the features offered by Sony on its WF-XB700s. What we notice above all is that there is no companion application: no matter how hard you try to connect these wireless headphones to Headphones Connect, it will be a waste of time.

Sony Sony MDRXB950BT How to Pair

Consequently, we have here a simple product – a physical accessory – and not a real experience enhanced by an additional service. It is therefore impossible to adjust anything in terms of audio, except by downloading a third-party equalizer but not optimized for the WF-XB700.

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