Telehealth apps are experiencing a huge spike in the number of users these days. Are you the one who is thinking about developing a robust telehealth app? Then you are in the right place. Keep reading to know about the benefits and methods of launching a Practo clone app that can potentially elevate your business to reach new heights. 

What is happening in the telemedicine market right now?

The pandemic forced governments all over the world to impose lockdown. Thus people were unable to move out of their homes. In such a situation, visiting a hospital to consult a doctor is awful, and doesn’t feel safe. That is when the on-demand doctor consultation apps witnessed a huge spike in the number of users. 

Now people are finding it more comfortable to consult a doctor without visiting the hospital and waiting for hours in the jam-packed waiting hall.

  • The millennials are the ones that show more desire for digital civilization. Thus as per the GlobalMed report, it is said that 74% of millennials prefer telemedicine apps rather than visiting a doctor in person. 
  • Almost all the hospitals in the U.S have their own telemedicine app at present. It is evident that in the span of five years, the number of telemedicine app users is going to add up steadily.
  • Out of all users, 89% of patients are finding it convenient to consult a doctor virtually. They also think of it as an effective and sufficient form of medical care.
  • In 2020, the number of telemedicine app users had jumped to 49% from 11% in 2019 
  • According to Statistica, the global telemedicine market accounted for 45.5 million dollars in 2019, and it is anticipated to account for 175.5 million dollars by 2026.
  • Just like the patients, nearly 52.5% of doctors are finding it more effective to provide virtual treatments than in-office treatment.

Benefits of developing an app like Practo:

  • Gone are the days where standing in long queues to consult a doctor was necessary. When every aspect of our life is revolutionizing with emerging technology, why not the healthcare industry? Thus telehealth apps like Practo are gaining vast popularity these days. If you are keen on developing a telemedicine app like Practo, it is high time to get your hands on it. 
  • There are many doctors available to provide their service through telehealth apps. Thus doctors can work in their flexible hours and earn some additional income. They can accept or reject the consultation request based on their availability. 
  • Chronic illness makes it necessary for the patients to take up regular check-ups and frequent doctor consultations. Ironically they have to travel each time and wait for long hours to consult a doctor. Thus in such a case, the telehealth app like Practo can help the patients to be connected with the doctor. A proper doctor appointment schedule can be set with regular time intervals. Thus the patients are kept under consistent monitoring, and doctors can treat them effectively based on their health status.

What makes telemedicine apps useful?

  • Consulting doctors through telehealth apps like Practo makes it an affordable option for many people. They can eliminate the need to travel, and also save travel expenses. Apart from this, providing additional coupons and rewards will likely attract more users. 
  • Now smartphones are the one thing that we carry everywhere without fail. Everything is almost made possible with just a few taps on our smartphones. Thus with the evolution of telehealth apps, people who are stuck in any difficult circumstances like in a remote village or on a long journey can easily consult a doctor. Thus getting medical help is made possible to everyone across the globe.
  • Considering safety into account, the Practo clone app offers a secure and seamless consultation session. As the session is one-one encrypted, none other than the patient and doctor can access the session. The patient’s medical history is only available for the selected doctor to view. Apart from secure virtual consultation, the app consists of safe payment options. Thus enabling security and privacy to the users is not compromised with the Practo clone app.
  • Apart from being a robust doctor consultation app, you can also utilize your app to sell medicines and other related products through your app. You can tie up with third-party companies that are related to the healthcare industry and allow them to sell their products on your platform. The users can order the prescribed medicines and other products in the app itself. This can increase more traffic to your app. 

Methods to develop an app like Practo

There are two effective ways to build a robust online doctor consultation platform which are as follows,

  •  Develop from scratch

The first method is to build your app from the ground up where you don’t have any head start. It generally takes four to five months to develop an app from scratch based on the complexity of the app. 

  • Deploy a white-label solution

The alternative method is to deploy a white-label solution of a robust telehealth app like Practo. It is important to consult a reliable app development company that offers the best Practo clone script in the market. As it is a pre-built app, it already has all the key features in the app. You can customize it according to your requirements and launch it in a matter of few days.

In a nutshell,

Looking at the steady spike in the number of telehealth app users, it is clear that no downfall can occur in the near future. Apart from the benefits discussed above, there are many more perks that you can enjoy upon launching your own Practo clone app. 

The healthcare industry is no longer the same. As the millennials are getting more advanced, to cope up with the trend and also generate vast revenue, you can swiftly launch a robust online doctor consultation platform like Practo. Therefore without any further delay, get your hands on the Practo clone app development right away. 

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