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Metal tea tins have been popular for many years and are valuable among collectors. FLY tea tins or canisters come in many sizes, no matter you are looking for square and round tea tins, or small and large tea tins, we can all meet your requirement.

FLY tea tins are food grade and made of high-quality tinplated steel or aluminum. Our small tea tins which capacity from 1 oz to 10oz, are good for loose-leaf tea, such as green tea, red tea, or black tea, the small tea tins are portable for you to put in the pocket or suitcase. Our small canisters are all seamless tins, they are crafted out from one complete aluminum plate or tin plate. With their EPE liners or rubber seal in place, the small tin containers make sure your teas stay fresh for a longer period of time. Thanks to their re-closable top, these tin boxes can be easily re-used or re-filled once they have run out of their original content. Especially window tins are popular for colorful teas as their see-through lids are great for display.

Our large tea tin containers are good for bagged teas. These big tea cans are always made by tinplate. The shape can be either round, square or rectangular. With its big capacity, it’s easy to store the bagged teas inside. Some items also come with rubber sealed window lid which is good to keep the teas fresh and prevent external air and moisture from entering your can.

FLY tins aim to be the best tins wholesaler worldwide, we are a professional manufacturer in China for more than 10 years. We are not like the middle dealer in your country who earns money in the middle. We can save the middle steps and reward our best prices, quality, and service to all our customers. We know the requirements of our customers, and know how to design and meet our customer’s demands. What’s more, with our improved technical process and good control, we save the cost and reward good price to our customers.

Decorative tea tins

With different printing effects or embossing, you can create your custom tea tin and turn your product into a decorative piece with high recognition value. Unique tea tins are sure to attract customers’ attention on the shelf.  These beautiful and well-crafted tins can feature any design imaginable. Additionally, you can select the perfect size and colors for your container. Whether you are looking for small or large decorative tea tins, square or round shape, we can all give you the solution. It is even possible to choose from different construction and closing methods. Like this, your tins will fully represent your brand or product.

FLY tins offer different printing methods to personalize your tin box. Whether you only need a simple color logo or different color pattern printing, full-print lacquered design or a simple paper etiquette, everything is possible. Share with us what you have in mind, and together we’ll co-create a unique container that perfectly suits your product.

If you are looking for some antique or vintage tea tins for some old memory feelings, or need some old tins for displaying. Then we can also do that, we can use some process and printing to make your tea tins look old.

Types of tea tins bulk sale

There are many types of tea tins, no matter you are looking for small tea tins, large tea tins, square tea tins, round tea tins, airtight tea tins, or vintage tea tins.FLY tins can always give you our best suggestions. Below we list some types of tea cans for your reference.


The small tea tins come in many sizes, the capacity can be from 1 oz to 10 oz. The small tea tins are always in round shape. Because of the round shape and small capacity, so they are easy to take to anywhere, either put in your bag or insert into your luggage. The small tea tins are so portable, they are a good partner for your business trip.


The large tea tins with a large capacity from 10 oz to 50 oz, it is good for some colorful teas or big leaf teas. Large tea tins need to keep the tea fresh because they need to reuse for many times. The best way to keep the tea fresh is using an airtight lid, the lid always with a rubber seal to keep the air out of the tins. Our large airtight tea tins are good to store loose leaf teas.

Some of our large tin containers without airtight lids are also good for bagged teas. These bagged teas can be reclosed or tied after first use. Because of its big capacity, it is easy t put the bagged teas in and out and good to store. Our large tea tins are always made by tinplate with square or round shape.


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