It’s a new year and it’s time to make sure your goals are set. Most of the time people decide not to set goals, simply because they didn’t accomplish those goals in the past. Yet, even though you did not reach your goals in the past, it does not change the fact that setting goals and setting your intention causes success. Rather you follow through or not. Most of the times we can pin point the exact moment when we strayed from our goals throughout the year. Make a note of that moment and make sure to avoid that action this year. Either way, you must set goals so there is no question about what business owners want for themselves!

Have you ever had a goal in mind, only to find that years have passed since it was first set and yet the objective has not been achieved? Have you looked at others and wondered why they seem to have so much easier time reaching their objectives than you do, despite your best efforts?

Setting goals, in my view, is an art. Years of study have shown that it’s the way you set your objectives that makes the most difference. Of course, the first step is to develop a strategy. You’d be shocked how many individuals have a goal without even considering whether or not they have a plan. In my experience, having no plan for a goal is simply wishful thinking.

With goals, as with life in general, it’s a matter of degrees. The difference between failure and success is often just a few small steps along the way.

Take Responsibility for Your Goals! I mean that literally: take responsibility for your goals. If you have ever felt like someone or something else has been responsible for reaching your goals then this blog post may be able to help you out. In my experience when people set goals they often do so without knowing much about how to actually achieve them… unless their goal happens to be winning the lottery which does not require any actual effort on our part other than buying a ticket. Now don’t get me wrong- setting goals is certainly important, but so is actually taking responsibility for your goals.

It’s not the goal that makes the difference; it’s what you do along the way to reach those goals by KeepSolid. That means making sure every step forward puts you closer to achieving your goals. As I mentioned before setting goals can be an art and in order to take full advantage of this process then each individual must fully commit themselves to their goals, while also being aware of all possible roadblocks standing in their path which are preventing them from reaching their goals… without feeling overwhelmed by these obstacles! We will talk more about how people set realistic goals later on, but first let me say a few words about why taking ownership over our own success matters.

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