custom soap boxes

Consumer goods like soaps and cosmetics are always nestled in Kraft soap boxes. Pressed flat and finished with a glossy appearance, Kraft is a recyclable material used for shipping different products safely. The Kraft packages are the go-to choice of every product manufacturer looking for cost-effective and safe transit. Because of the dominating presence of Kraft in the world of packaging, it may end up in landfills. But, you should be mindful of the fact that it does not lose its value once the soaps are consumed. The recycling option is always on the cards for your business, or you can reuse it for multiple purposes. 


Storage purpose:

This one is the most obvious reuse idea for soap packaging boxes. Who in this world is not worried about the mess created by disorganized things at home? Everyone has to deal with the monthly invoices, pay stubs, bank statements, and other such documents. The children’s monthly result cards and stationery bills can make your drawers look messy. The boxes can be used to store these documents in a personalized manner. The partitions in the form of custom inserts would help you categorize your storage. They are also a safe place to nestle subtle household items such as ornaments, light bulbs, old LEDs, and other such breakables. If you have cars at your home, you can utilize them to store hardware such as nuts, bolts, and shafts. The boxes are so strong that they can even be utilized to shift your household items from one place to another. 


Gardening use:

Kraft, being an eco-friendly material, is loved by eco-conscious people all around the world. It is, for this reason, they look for newer ways to utilize this environmentally friendly material to their advantage. For gardeners who want to get rid of weeds and nourish their plants at a faster rate, Kraft cardboard is a blessing. The gardeners can use this material for the sheet mulching process. This process is done to eliminate weeds and insulate plants from the frigid winter season. For perfect gardening, lay the Kraft on top and down of the weeds. It would block the reaching of direct sunlight to the weed plants so as to stop their growth. For ensuring insulation to the greenery during the winter season, you can cut pieces of Kraft and place them around the plants. It is also enriched with carbon contents and can be used to nourish the soil. 


Roof repairs:

During severe weather conditions such as thunderstorms, the rooftops of houses often get damaged. You must have experienced a leaking rooftop during the rainy season. It takes time for a professional to reach you and fix the roof. If you do not temporarily repair it, the thing can get quite messy. There is always a chance of a rooftop hole getting bigger and bigger with the harsh weather conditions. The used soap boxes give you an opportunity to temporarily repair your house’s roof. Place the cardboard-built packages in a plastic bag and patch them over the rooftop holes. For the time being, it would work and buy you some time until the professional help arrives. It would not hold out forever, but it would definitely help you keep your home dry from rain and thunderstorms. 


Creative playhouse:

The children love to play with different toys, but often the toys they desire are unaffordable for the parents. Despite wasting your money on electronic-powered toys, use soap boxes to run the imagination of your child wild. It does not take much to turn these boxes into a beautiful playhouse for the younger audience. Rather than putting the packages in the trash, make some rectangular and square cuts to look like doors and windows. This is a great idea that offers your children a range of different playing opportunities. With their painting kits, the children can decorate these plain packages according to their interests. This creative toy provides plenty of playtime to the kids when they are unable to get outside due to Covid-19. 


Auto leaks check:

An auto leak is an indication that your car needs to be repaired. The mechanics’ job becomes much easier when they know the type and source of the leak. Otherwise, you might have to spend hours at a workshop to fine-tune your car. The best tip in this aspect is to make use of excessive soap packaging boxes lying in your storeroom. Cut a large piece of the packages and place it under your car to check for leakage the next morning. The color and texture of the spots would help you identify the exact nature of the leakage. If there are black spots, for instance, you would understand quickly that it is the leakage of engine oil. The green and yellow spots indicate the leaks coming from the coolant. 


It is not always wise to recycle a bunch of Kraft soap boxes you have. You always have the chance to reuse these materials in dozens of creative and innovative ways to serve different purposes. They are a fine choice to store important household items and repair your rooftops on a temporary basis. People having a passion for gardening could use them for impressive plant growth. 

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