Did Google crawled ‘Wp-Includes’ of your WordPress Websites? This is the problem in which your server is generating an automatic page for all directories that lists all the files in that directory. The Google Crawling ‘WP-INCLUDES’ is normal problems which you can face anytime. Today I will be giving you 2 Practical Tips to stop Google Crawling ‘Wp-includes’ of your WordPress website.

There are two methods from which you can solve this issue.


stop google crawling wp includes robots txt

In this method, you can stop crawling of wp-includes by Disallowing its directory. You can normally solve this issue by using the disallow of the respective folder.

Disallow: /wp-content/cache/
Disallow: /wp-content/languages/
Disallow: /wp-content/themes/
Disallow: /wp-content/upgrade/
Disallow: /wp-content/plugins/
Disallow: /wp-includes/

METHOD 2: Temporarily Hide URLs from Search Console

I highly recommend this method. The google updated the crawling fast comparing to the above method.

Step 1: Go to Search Console [Old Console]

search console dashboard

First Go to Search Console. And select your domain which you want to disallow ‘wp-includes’.

Step 2: Go to Google Index> Remove URLs

search console dashboard2

Now go to Google Index in the left vertical menu. And after that go to Remove URL section.


Step 3: Click Temporarily Hide option

search console dashboard3

You should now click the temporarily hide button in the display section and input ‘/wp-includes‘. and click continue.

Step 4: Submit your request

Now submit your request as shown in the image below.

search console dashboard4


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