magnetic stainless steel tin base decoratived square spice tin

Tin containers are good to take as spice tins using in the kitchen, not only spices, they are also good to store salt, herbs, peppers, and so on. When used for spice storage, these tins can be filled up with fresh herbs and dried spices alike. Window tins are popular spice jars as their see-through lids are great for display their colourful content.

Thanks to their re-closable top, these tin boxes can be easily re-used or re-filled once they have run out of their original content. The lids of spice tins always have holes, so the spice can pass through the holes.

Our magnetic spice tins have holes beside the lids that can be twisted on and off easily, the bottom is magnetic and can stick to the spice rank firmly. With its see through lid, people can see what’s inside the spice tins. The magnetic tins save spaces for the kitchen.

If you are looking for cheap spice tins or magnetic spice tins, then FLY tins are your right choice. FLY tins offer sizes of spice tins bulk and wholesale. Our stainless steel magnetic tin is welcome sold on amazon and another big platform. We are the manufacturer in China with more than 10 years, we have different molds in different shapes and sizes, we know our customers’ requirements and targets. Contact us and you will find suitable spice tin containers.

Magnetic spice tins bulk and wholesale

Magnetic spice tins are welcomed and easy to use in modern kitchens. The “magnetic” means it has a magnet that can be stick strong enough to a metal plate, either put in the kitchen countertops, hang in the wall, or on the refrigerator. We also have a metal plate which can hold 6pcs, 12 pcs.

Normal spice tins bulk and wholesale

Except magnetic spice tins, we also have many other normal small spice tins, large spice tins, antique spice tins, vintage spice tins, and so on. Some spice tins come with normal lids with wholes, some spice tins have clear lids such as magnetic tins. We provide all spice tins bulk and wholesale.

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