Indian cooking style involves lots of spices and frying to prepare delicious meals. However, the gases and smoke released from your pressure cooker and Kadai can accumulate on your kitchen tiles and ceiling, leaving bad strain marks on them.

If you are in the market looking for an Elica chimney or chimneys from other reputed brands to counter your kitchen issues, then you are in the right place. Let’s take a look at some of the best kitchen chimney models that you can find in India for your needs:

Elica 90 Cm WDFL 906 HAC MS NERO (Auto Clean Chimney)

Elica is an Italian brand and a big name in the segment of kitchen appliances. They are well known for offering elegant models across their wide range of chimneys.

Elica Nero chimney comes packed with two LED lamps that make your cooking efficient and easy. This model flaunts a suction power of 1,200 m3 per hour and is an excellent choice for a four to five-burner gas stove. This model’s power consumption is very low, and it needs only 180 Watts for its operation.

The chimney sports a baffle filter that is highly efficient in absorbing the oil and smoke in the kitchen air, making it an ideal choice for the Indian cooking style.

Top features:

  • Complete black design with a premium glass attachment
  • The suction capacity of 1,200 m3 per hour
  • Highly efficient baffle filter
  • Touch control panel
  • Suitable for four to five-burner stove
  • Motion-sensing technology and Filter-less technology

Elica 60 cm WDFL 606 HAC MS NERO (Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney)

One more fantastic chimney option from the house of Elica comes with a suction capacity of 1,200 m3 per hour. It is highly efficient at absorbing all the oil and smoke from your kitchen air. The LED bulbs are powerful enough to provide adequate lighting while cooking.

This chimney model consumes only 180 Watt power and comes with stainless steel baffle filters that are highly efficient for the Indian cooking style. Its effective touch control is straightforward to use, and thanks to the auto clean technology, it is super easy to clean and maintain the chimney.

Top features:

  • Blackish layout and perfect for medium-sized kitchen
  • Suction capacity of 1,200 m3 per hour 
  • Powerful LED lamps
  • Auto clean technology
  • Low power consumption

Hindware 60cm Auto Clean Chimney (Nevio 60, 1200 M3/Hr)

Hindware Nevio 60 comes with a suction power of 1,200 m3 per hour that makes it efficiently soak all the oil and smoke from your kitchen air. The stainless steel baffle filters of this kitchen appliance are pretty efficient at eliminating dirt and oil.

Hindware included the auto-clean feature in this model so that users can easily maintain and clean the chimney from time to time. The oil tray quickly collects the oil and other residues and offers a delightful cooking experience. Hindware included two energy-efficient LED lamps on the upper section of this chimney, which is helpful in seeing the countertops and ensures convenient cooking for users. 

Top features:

  • The suction capacity of 1,200 m3 per hour
  • Stainless-steel baffle filters
  • High-quality metallic blower
  • Elegant design with stainless steel finish
  • Auto-clean feature and maximum airflow

Elica 60 Cm WD HAC TOUCH BF 60 (1200 M3/Hr Auto Clean Chimney)

The unbreakable quality and elegant appearance of this Elica chimney make it one of the must-have electrical appliances for your kitchen.

It comes housed with a touch control feature to ensure ease of operation with a single touch, and the auto-clean feature allows the user to clean and maintain the chimney easily. The oil collector of this chimney is highly efficient at collecting the dirt without any problem.

Elica offered a suction capacity of 1,200 m3 per hour to efficiently absorb all the oil, smoke, and dirt from your kitchen air to keep your kitchen clean and fresh. It comes equipped with two LED lamps of 3 Watt power consumption that offers adequate lighting for convenient cooking.

Top features:

  • Superior built quality
  • 2 LED bulbs with 3-watt power consumption
  • Premium stainless baffle filter
  • Suction capacity of 1,200 m3 per hour
  • Auto clean feature

We compared various Faber, Kaff, Hindware, and Elica chimneys, checked user feedback, and referred to expert feedback before compiling the above list. This curated list will let you choose from the best models available in the Indian market for your needs. If you are delaying your purchase due to budget constraints, then we have got you covered for that as well. Keep reading to discover more.

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