Some Basic Cabinet Features You Should Know

All cabinets appear to be simple wooden boxes. However, the main components join to make a whole box of the cabinet. That is why a smart buyer is the one who knows the inside and outside of a kitchen cabinet. J&K cabinets online take care of all such details to create the best kitchen and bath cabinetry. So, make sure.

Moreover, the quality and longevity of your cabinets also depend on craftsmanship. When the makers fail to produce a quality product, you might end up wasting your money. That is why your first concern is to ensure high-end quality cabinets. The finish, style, color, and assembly of the cabinets come later.

If you intend to learn more about kitchen cabinets and their various parts, stick to this post. And make sure to take notice of these minor and major details below:

  1. Cabinet face frame
  2. Doors and drawers
  3. Hinges
  4. Drawer glides
  5. Drawer boxes
  6. Interior and shelf material
  7. External cabinet finish
  8. Cabinet shelves

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  • Cabinet face frames:

The face frames are one of the most sturdy parts of a cabinet. Whether you are looking for kitchen cabinets or bath cabinets, look at the cabinet face frame. They provide stability and firmness to your whole assembly. In general, cabinet frames are square boxes, easy to craft, ship, and fix. So, if you are looking at a real craft, it should have a solid frame. Also, it shows the quality of the wood and its form.

  • Doors and drawers:

The doors and drawers are the most prominent features of a set of cabinets. That is why this part creates the final look of your kitchen and bath. Well, there are many door styles on the market today. Choosing its color, finish, and design is as vital as picking the material.

In general, front doors and drawers consist of solid hardwood. But, the interior may differ in form and wood. The reason is that we use door fronts rigorously in our daily routines. That is why they have too strong enough to handle wear. Then comes the process of finishing and coating.

  • Hinges:

One must look for high-quality hinges in kitchen cabinets. Their quality and function vary greatly. Also, the open-close mechanism depends on these cabinet hinges. A cabinet opens and closes hundreds of times in a day. In that case, you should prefer soft-close and concealed hinges. Well, J&K cabinets online offer a quality product with soft-close hinges.  

  • Drawer glides:

If you like more drawers in your kitchen cabinetry, opt for the best drawer glides. Usually, a standard drawer has silver glides that can stand the weight of many things. So, it must be smooth and concealed inside the box. Also, it must be able to stand 75 pounds of weight.

  • Drawer boxes:

Just like cabinet doors, drawer boxes should also contain solid wood. In this case, you can go for either hardwood or oak wood. The sides of the cabinet box must be firm and sturdy, with a dovetail back. Many people opt for plastic or metal drawer boxes, but they are not as durable as solid wood. So, make sure the front, back, and bottom are of high-quality material. Metal drawers are best for a short-term solution.

  • Interior and shelf material:

Cabinet interiors are as vital as their exteriors. Their shelf surfaces should be non-porous, so you can easily wipe and clean them. It helps to extend the life of the cabinets with no such staining and showing no wear. In general, standard interior materials are melamine and laminates. Usually, they have a light wood-tone color to make the contents easy to see. But, you should know that wood veneer can absorb moisture, unlike laminates.

  • External cabinet finish:

Many people think that the external finish is all about shine and color. Well, it is a misconception. The reality is that the finish protects the cabinet doors. In this way, the wood quality remains intact. So, make sure you choose the best finish that suits your lifestyle. Nowadays, both matte and honed finishes are in trend. 

  • Cabinet shelves:

Remember, do not ignore this part of the cabinets. The inner shelves and open shelves both bear the weight of your kitchen items. So, make sure you choose quality wood (plywood, fiberboard, birchwood) for these shelves. Also, focus on its thickness, as it is usually ½ inch to ¾ inches thick. In the same way, choose the best wood and thickness for open shelves.

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Learning is always good when it comes to your home and lifestyle. Very few people know what they are looking for while shopping for cabinets. Well, J&K cabinets online offer the perfect choices for your kitchen and bath cabinetry. But, you should know about cabinet frames, hinges, material, and cabinet boxes. For high-end cabinets, go to Columbus Cabinets City.

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