social media security tips

The social site has been widely used today. Rapid growth on the internet makes numerous social sites. The social site increases directly with the increase in. This has created a negative impact and we feel less security in social sites. Some of the widely used social sites in our daily life are facebook, twitter, youtube, etc. Many big celebrities are also involved in social sites. Today there is no person who does not use the social site if they have access to the internet.

The most danger in the social site is from hackers. If they hacked the business social media and they get success there create a big problem. We suffer from big financial losses. We know that financial losses make the media collapse. Thus more than individual site security is most important for the business site. If some person hacked the site it is very hard to recover at the time and spend a lot of time on maintenance. Most people engage in dangerous social site knowingly or unknowingly the fact that social site of less protection.

Some of the social media security tips are as mentioned below.

1. Always realize that you may be the victim at any point in time by the different hackers because every day 55,000 new malware is found and security never sleeps.

2. You must need to think before you always post like status, videos, and your aggressive and silly comments always which help to know you properly.

3. Always think twice thrice about the different application requests permission to access the data by someone else.

4. You don’t need to click the short links which are not clearly shown the link location, hackers often post the links which help them to view the personal details of someone who click the location.

5. You need to use the updated browser because older browsers always tend to have many kinds of security flaws.

6. You also need to be aware of different kinds of lines of LOL, look the video you found, when you have clicked the link and you may get a message which you need to upgrade your video player to see when you tried to the upgrade. Now, the malicious page will instead install malware instead of the file we want to download.

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7. You also need to be suspicious of any kind of sounds which feel unusual or feels odd and your friend’s posts we always stuck in the different types of Cambodia and need money mostly it is like a scam.

8. There you need to understand the privacy settings and select the most secure the options and need to check periodically for the different changes which can even up open your profile to the public.

9. Always you need to update all the uniques logins and passwords for the different websites you are using for a long period of time. You need to be a fan of password managers because we need to create and also store secure passwords for you. If you have different passwords in different kinds of your social networking sites you will be more secure of your account.

10. You need to care and cautions of any kind of messages link you find on facebook which looks suspicious or requires an additional login.

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