Roller Shutters

There are various types of roller shutters available in the market for use inside & outside business premises, warehouses, etc. A Roller shutter is preferred because it provides excellent protection against theft, vandalism damage to commercial property.

Roller Shutters are an ideal choice for protecting commercial properties as they can be conveniently operated from both inside and outside of the building. The doors open either using a manual crank or an electric motor drive depending upon the model chosen. Different types of roller shutters have their unique feature, benefits, and price range. In addition, they vary according to size, weight load capacity, and type of opening (manual or electric). However, here we will discuss some major pros that make roller shutters worth investment for commercial purposes.

  1. Classic & practical design – Roller shutters are flexible, easy to use, and designed with classic practicality in mind. Due to their practical aspect, they suit most buildings and business premises both modern and traditional in appearance. Aluminum shutters are perfect for historical or period buildings; steel shutters can also be sandblasted (or painted) to suit the look of the building if required.
  2. Durable construction – The roller shutter is made up of tough metal rollers fitted into strong hinges that connect side panels when closed. The door opens using a crank handle which uses high-quality bearings to turn wheels smoothly, these can either be mounted on the inside or outside depending upon preferred locations. As there are no fixed parts, the door is easy to fit and can last for many years.
  3. Good security – Roller shutters are strong doors that protect against theft and vandalism damage to commercial property, especially when fitted with high-quality locks. Due to their practical design, roller shutters are very difficult to break in or cut through, making them favorable for businesses looking for increased security measures.
  4. Provide complete protection – The sidewalls of most roller shutter doors are made up of tough steel panels that form a weather-resistant barrier due to their overlapping nature when closed completely. As each wall is spaced out slightly from the one next to it, they create small air gaps between them, allowing cool airflow in summer months, keeping the building interior comfortable & warm during the winter season. The gap also allows free circulation of air. This design makes roller shutters a popular choice for protecting valuable property against uncontrolled entry of water, wind, and dust through open windows & doorways.
  5. Easy to operate – Roller shutters are extremely easy to use due to their practical design that keeps in mind the busy lifestyle of today’s people. All that is required is to crank or push the shutter door up – it does not require any assistance from staff on-site, making it an ideal choice for warehouses & factory units where employees wear many hats and have no time for delegated duties. They provide complete operational control over staff management reducing material loss due to theft or accidental damage; accidents can be avoided by simply locking doors when unattended.
  6. Can be automated – Roller shutter doors can be fitted with an electric motor drive to automate the opening & closing of shutters, making them extremely useful for high traffic commercial buildings such as warehouses, factories, etc. The motors come in different power capabilities, so suitable motors need to be chosen according to the door’s size and weight load capacity. An automatic shutter gate is available in a single-phase AC power supply or three-phase AC supply depending on the requirement. Motors are attached on either side of the door, some manufacturers also provide motors on one end of the door, which increases convenience for users who want to operate their roller shutter from inside or outside of the building. Motorized roller shutters can be programmed & controlled via a control pad generally placed somewhere visible on the exterior of the building for easy access.

These were some compelling reasons to use rolling shutters.

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