Sliding Doors

Home decor is becoming innovative day by day, with technology and advancement shaping the style. Doors now come in a variety of styles and shapes. Two of the most common types of Folding and Sliding Doors are the folded and the sliding doors.

Sliding are mainly doors that pivot on a track to open side by side, composed of two or more panels. These doors are sleek, sport large glass spaces. Homeowners prefer this door type for the isometric design that facilitates maximum glass area with no obstruction from the frames.

Folded doors look just like sliding doors to some extent. The only difference is that the panels of these doors can be stacked, giving a grandeur look to the space. Generally, they are heavy to manoeuvre. But, with the help of sturdy and lightweight aluminium frames, folding doors require minimal effort to operate.


  • As mentioned above, both these door types have a similar structure. For instance, when these doors are closed, they may look the same. Hence, the only difference is the movement of door panels. On the one hand, sliding doors operate by sliding and panels. On the other hand, folding doors’ panels can be stacked in one corner. For this reason, people choose between folding and sliding doors to complement their spatial requirements. For instance, if it is a critical space with minimal breadth, folding doors are ideal because these doors can provide a grandeur feeling to any space. If there is ample space to move in or out freely, sliding doors work best.
  • The doors work well for the purpose they are being used. They work well in separating the room or house from the outer area. Both kinds of designs well serve the main motive of using a door.
  • Both door types require minimal regular maintenance. Top manufacturers add the TEXGUARD coating to aluminium doors, meaning these doors will not accumulate any dust. In addition, the coating also prevents discolouration for nearly 40 years.
  • These aluminium doors are tested as per Japanese standards, meaning they can withstand significant wind pressure, rainfall, temperature change, etc.


  • The folding doors provide a grandeur appeal to the whole house, which is why most homeowners prefer to install these doors for the main entrance. On the other hand, sliding doors are sleek, providing an excellent view of the outside. For this reason, sliding doors are prominent as an entrance for the patio and balcony.
  • If we were to compare the cost of sliding and folding doors, sliding doors would come forth as more budget-friendly. Essentially, these aluminium doors are cost-friendly, ensuring that the homeowners get all the functional and aesthetic benefits. But, if there is a budget constraint, sliding doors can be an ideal option.
  • Conventionally, the locking system is a concern among folding and sliding doors composed of materials like UPVC and wooden. For instance, the folding doors provide a better lock system since a variety of locks can be implemented on the door, whereas in the case of sliding doors, such options are reasonably not available. But, that is not the case with aluminium doors sporting the crescent locking mechanism. This type of lock is much more potent than a standard push lock, providing additional security to both folding and sliding doors.

As highlighted above, apart from the opening and closing mechanism of these door types, there is not much difference.

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