Securing Instagram has been the most challenging method or way in this modern technological era. Instagram is the zonal area where you can share your daily life activities in the form of a photo and a video. The increase in social media sites has also been increasing its hacking day by day more whispered and make sure that users must take some effort to take every security measures available.

Securing an Instagram is not as so challenging but we users must take some effective measures to controls our account from hacking by the different unknown persons around the world.

Now there is some challenge to improve the system of the secureness of Instagram or any kind of the online account by using a two-factor authentication 2FA method. Instagram has supported by the help of two-factor authentication for some period of time. Some of the following things should be followed for the perfect protection of the social networking site and your private conceptual things inside these social sites.

Securing by using 2FA method

1. Start or launch Instagram in your android, iPhone or any kind of capable device which can run Instagram easily and log in your account if you have not it already.

2. In the right of the Instagram feed there you may see your profile picture. Now, you should tap a click on the profile picture to move on your next steps.

3. At the top of the right bottom of the screen, there is a three-line bottom. In that bottom, you need to click as it profiles page of yours.

4. The for the next steps that we need to do is tap the setting bottom of your mobile screen of the pop out side menu.

5. So after that there you may see easily Two-factor authentication on the page listed under the privacy and the given security settings bottom.

6. There is what you need do is Get Started for the next thing for your secureness of Instagram.

7. After completing all these steps for the next steps in the securing of your account you need need to do is tap on the authenticator toggle for the next page.

8. Now you should Tap the next button for moving on to the next step in the same process.

9. The google says to us that Instagram wants to open the Google authenticator for that we should tap the Open button mentioned in the screen or the given prompt.

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10. There you may see a prompt may appear in the screen of authenticator asking if you really want to add the given token for the Instagram account.Simply you need to do in such cases is Tap Yes bottom to move for the next process.

11. The most important step that you should be very serious about on his i.e you should tap and long-press or hold on the Instagram token to copy the given code to copy on the clipboard.

12. After doing all this you need to do is return tom the same place i.e Instagram and take very long press on the given code entry field provided by them and for the next steps tap the paste pop up the bottom to get enter inside the authenticator code place.

13. At the overall conclusion, the upper given method is the 2FA system which is so much popular on securing our different social networking account. After completing all these steps note down you have already started or enabled 2FA for your Instagram account. An also note it down that once you have already enabled this technique you dont need to enable time to time launch the app.

It is sure that you will be strongly protected. And that’s it – 2FA is now enabled for your Instagram account. Note that once you’ve authenticated a trusted device in this way, you won’t have to do it every time you launch the app, but your account will remain protected.

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