School admission form

Looking for admission in one of the best schools in Ahmedabad for your child? Then read this blogpost to get an idea of the school admission procedure and other key pointers to remember during the process.

When to fill the school admission form?

Most schools begin their academic year in the month of June, therefore you can ideally start your school admission process at least a couple of months before. A term before the commencement of the next academic year is when schools start accepting new admission forms and begin their admission process. You can visit the website of the school where the school admission form or the enquiry form can be found. Or you can walk into the school campus and request one.

Procedure of admission for the best schools in Ahmedabad

The admission procedure in the best schools in Ahmedabad is often assumed to be a tedious process. However, this isn’t true and some of the best schools have a fairly simple admission process which is divided into four standard steps. Those are:

  1. Enquiry / Admission Form: You can visit the school’s website and fill up the admission or the enquiry form. Once this is done, the school’s admissions department will get in touch with you for further information.
  2. School Campus Visit: A campus visit is usually the next step, where you get a chance to take a tour of  the school and all the facilities available. This is followed by a counselling session where you will be discussing the different curriculum options and the best choice for your child. The student will have to sit for a test in order for the school to gauge his academic level.
  3. Application form: Once your child is shortlisted, you will have to fill the application form along with uploading a few documents as requested by the school
  4. School term fees: Once the application procedure is completed, you can secure a seat for your child by paying the first installment of school fees.

There are many scholarship programs that are available too. You can talk about these possibilities during the counseling session and learn more about the criteria for your child to be eligible for one of the scholarship programs.

Questions to ask before the school admission for the best schools in Ahmedabad?

Firstly, it is important to understand your child’s learning style and if the syllabus that is being offered is in line with your child’s education so far. Most private international schools in Ahmedabad offer the CBSE curriculum which is a standard curriculum. Therefore, continuing in the same curriculum will not pose a problem to most children. However, if you wish for them to learn through a new curriculum, you will have to talk to the school and understand how they will bridge the gap between the old and the new curriculum and help the child cope effectively.

Some schools also offer the bridge program, not just for international curricula but for the CBSE curriculum too. This enables your child to pick up his concepts, bridge the academic gap and be at par with his classmates. These are crucial features that a good school will offer. Some of the other pointers to remember are:

  1. Does the school have professional faculty who are educated to impart the curriculum?
  2. Are there facilities for all extracurricular activities and co-curricular activities?
  3. Are there the latest safety and security arrangements inside the campus and during the school bus ride?
  4. Does the school use the latest technology in its learning methods like smart classrooms, virtual labs and other modern spaces of learning?


Before you fill the school admission form, you can ensure that you follow these guidelines and then proceed to seek admission in the best schools in Ahmedabad.

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