Russia has succeeded in disconnecting itself from the global Internet network. Russia has succeeded in “disconnecting” itself from the global Internet in tests conducted in June and July, the RBC Daily reported on Thursday.

The report states that the Russian government has made efforts to improve Internet security. According to RBC Daily, the test was conducted from June 15 to July 15.

During that period, Russia physically disconnected its network from the global Internet, which it claimed was successful. Russia has long been working to bring more Internet structures under national control.

Currently, the Internet is regularly decentralized in the world and is not under the sole control of any state or institution. Depending on the country, how to use the Internet and how to ban it is difficult. Many other countries have enacted laws banning certain websites or activities on the Internet.

Russia’s sovereign Internet law in 2019 gave the government the power to disconnect from the global Internet. Accordingly, the Russian government has cut off the world’s Internet network and created a sovereign network.

Although the RBC recently published a report citing government sources, Reuters news agency said it was unclear how long the trial lasted and how it affected Russian citizens.

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