Rectangle and Square tins are also widely used and see in our daily life. Besides our standard round tins, we also have a selection of square tin containers and rectangular tin boxes available. Our small square and rectangular tins have been made of high-end aluminum whereas the larger models are made of tinplate. Both versions are 100% BPA-free and food-safe. As such, you can safely use them to store any type of product including cookies, candies, spices, and more.

At FLY tins, you can find a wide range of rectangular and square tins for sale that come in many sizes. We are a professional manufacturer in China with more than 10 years. We know the requirements of our customers, and know how to design and meet our customer’s demands. What’s more, with our improved technical process and good control, we save the cost and reward good price to our customers. Thanks to our low MOQ, the rectangular and square tin containers are attractive to small and large companies alike.

We offer rectangle and square tin containers wholesale and bulk sales. We support lower MOQ. If you want to buy these small or large round tins, please contact us.

Usage of Rectangular Tin Containers

Rectangular tins are commonly used for different usage, just like any other type of metal tins. Because of their flat, long and convenient design and shape, they are good to store candy, chocolates, sample pots, herbs, or jewelry.

In the past, rectangular tin containers were also popular among premium cigar or cigarette brands. These small tins were flat in size which made them easy to slide inside of your pocket or bag. At the same time, they feature a durable and tough design that protects the products inside of the tin. This makes them perfect for holding small everyday items that are often carried around in your pocket such as cigarettes but also mints and gum.

All our rectangular are seamlessly made by aluminum or tinplate, they are not only food safe, but also BPA free. Thanks to their durable design and premium look, they are often used as a high-end packaging material. We also support customized rectangular tins with your brand logo or patterns, it’s good to promote and sell your own brand products.

Usage of Square Tin Containers

Square tin containers come with similar usage as rectangular tins. Due to their flat and square shape, these small square tins are easy to carry around and store away. It makes them perfect for holding everyday consumer goods such as mints, candy, beads, pills, and jewelry .

Our medium-sized square containers are furthermore often used as stylish candle tins.

And large square tins are always used for food packaging. These square tins are topped off with a hinged cap or slipcover and are often filled up with goods such as tea, coffee, or spices. In some cases, the cans feature a transparent window cap that allows you to perfectly display your goods.

Similar to round tin containers, square tin containers can be fully customized upon request.

Customized rectangular and square tin containers


Square and rectangular tin boxes bring along plenty of possibilities when it comes to customizing your wrapping. Either in sizes or shapes, it is perfect for differentiating your products from those of competitors in a unique and innovative way. This allows you to promote your goods and to create brand awareness like no other type of packaging possibly could. When it comes to customized packaging materials, tin containers certainly are the best way to go.


Our square and rectangular tin containers can be finished in any color imaginable. Whether you’re looking for a single color print or multi-color design, nothing is impossible with our tin cans. We offer a wide range of different printing, these include paper stickers, laser engraving, embossing, silk screen printing, offset, and full-color print. We also accept surface painting, UV coating, powder coating, PVD, and oxidation treatment. We furthermore allow you to choose any type of lid to finish off your custom tins including slipcover lids, window lids, and hinged caps.

Custom tins offer the perfect way to differentiate your goods and to create brand awareness in today’s competitive market. It’s good to sell and promote your own brand products. They are cheap to make and, once finish, feature a highly attractive and premium look. Please use the contact form to contact us if you want more detailed information.

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