You may maintain the swimming pool throughout the year but keeping it safe when not in use may be a real challenge. Using an appropriate cover for the pool helps in cutting down the energy use, evaporation, and reduces your hassles. So, if you are yet to get a cover for the pool, try to get one right now. If you keep the pool uncovered overnight, it becomes home to leaves, debris, and twigs due to high wind.

Using a tarp for pool cover

If you want to save the pool from evaporation and dirt without spending a huge amount, the best option to invest on is tarps. The polypropylene tarps are highly effective as pool covers as they block the sunlight that promotes the growth of algae in the absence of chemicals. Moreover, the polypropylene tarps are durable and withstand the weight of the ice that builds up during the winter. However, you need to select a heavy-duty polyvinyl or polyethylene material for covering the pool and allow it to stay in shape.

Read the points below to find out more about using tarps as swimming pool covers.

  • Choosing the size

You need to measure the pool diameter above the ground and calculate the amount needed to cover the pool. Try to leave extra space on all sides to ensure that the pool stays fully covered on all sides.

  • Buy the other materials

Along with the tarps, you need to get bungee cords to tie the heavy-duty tarp made from polyvinyl or polyethylene materials. Instead of using the old-fashioned tarps as they do not hold up adequately.

You need to stretch the tarp as much as you can to prevent it from sagging in the middle and tie them with bungee cords towards the corners.

Why cover a swimming pool with a tarp

You need to invest in a decent and heavy-duty tarpaulin to keep the swimming pool cover.

  • Reducing chemical use

Using too many chemicals in the swimming pool results in redness in the eyes and sneezing as they cause allergy and asthma. With a tarpaulin pool cover, you can minimize the use of chemicals in the pool.

  • Retaining heat inside the pool

You need not cover the pool during the day and allow it to absorb the heat from the sun’s rays. However, covering the swimming pool with a heavy-duty tarpaulin at night prevents the heat from disappearing. If you rely on the sun’s rays to heat the swimming pool, it is necessary for you to keep the pool covered at night to allow it to stay warm until the next day.

  • Keeps the pool clean

If you keep the pool uncovered for a few days, you are sure to find all kinds of stuff inside it from the kid’s toys, shrubs, twigs, dead leaves and insects, and various other things. Cleaning the dirt is among the most painstaking jobs, so a better option anyway is using a tarpaulin to keep the pool covered and keeping it dirt-free.

Reduce the maintenance hassles

If you are the one hunting or time when it comes to swimming pool maintenance, using a tarpaulin allows you to keep the hassles at bay. Shorter periods of vacuuming and fewer frequencies make the maintenance of the pool more manageable.





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