Every user who is active in social media must have realized that as soon as they open Facebook, the videos start playing by themselves. Some of these videos are interesting.

Some are even bored. One thing is for sure, if you have a fixed line broadband and WiFi connection, otherwise if you use the internet from mobile data, then such auto-play videos are destroying the data.

This way, videos can be easily prevented from auto-playing on Facebook. Today we are going to tell you how. Facebook Web App Go to the bottom arrow in the top right corner of your Facebook.

Now select the settings and privacy in it, scroll down and click on the last written video. Now you will see the autoplay video option in it. Turn it off from there.

In the Facebook mobile app, go to the menu with three darshas on the right side of your Facebook. Now select Settings and Privacy at the bottom. Go to the data saver given in it. Now turn on the data saver button in it.

This will turn off video auto-play and reduce image size to reduce data consumption.

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