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Fungal infections are commonly grown in moist and damp areas. They can grow anywhere on the skin and cause skin problems such as blemishes, rashes and bumps. It causes irritation, redness and scaly skin. There are different types of fungal infections such as ringworm, jock itch, yeast infections, lip fungal infections, athlete’s foot, etc. These can be cured in time if treated at an early stage otherwise it may result in severity. Various medications are available in markets to treat fungal infections which are completely safe to be used with no side effects. Antifungal lotions, antifungal cream lips, etc. are used extensively to get rid of fungal infections. Here we will discuss different ways to prevent fungal infections as it is rightly said that prevention is highly beneficial than cure.

Methods to prevent fungal infections:

  • To avoidany fungal growth on feet try to wear footwear thatis not very tight and comfortable tofeet. Make use ofmedicated powder for feet. By using quality body wash products keep your feet clean. Do not wear wet shoes.
  • A mildly contagious fungal infection jock itch spreads if not treated well. This fungal infection can grow by coming in indirect and direct contact. Itcan be prevented by drying the body after bathing, changing clothes daily and maintaining proper hygiene of intimate parts of our body.
  • A common fungal infection, Ringworm that generally tends to affect people with a weaker immune system. To avoid it individuals must keep their skin dry and clean, wear shoes that allow air to circulate freely around feet, do not walk barefoot, not sharing towels and clothes and washing hands properly after playing with stray dogs, cats, etc.
  • Infections caused by yeasts can be commonlybe seen in women, even men can acquire thisinfection. Preventing by maintaining proper hygiene by using antibacterial soaps and deodorants. By using coconut oil on the body prevents yeast infection from spreading. Avoiding the use of antibiotics causes an imbalance of good bacterial and fungal growth leading to yeast infections.
  • Lip fungal infections can be prevented by maintaining good oral hygiene by brushing twice a day and flossing, avoiding licking around the mouth and avoiding sugary substances. By usingan antibacterial and antimicrobial mouthwash.
  • Diet plays the most significant role in preventing fungal infections. A diet lower in sugars are healthy to avoid infections. Adding non-starchy vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumber, cabbage and onions,healthy fats such as coconut oil and olive oil and herbs and spices such as turmeric and black pepper are healthy ingredients to make a healthy diet. A whole-grain healthy diet contributes to the immune system to fight against such fungal infections. Avoid the use of artificial sweeteners and beverages high in sugar content.

As we have discussed various ways to prevent the spread of fungal infections, one solution to this could be using medicated products in our daily lives to avoid it. One such product is Keto mac which is safe to be used to treat fungal infections and ketomac causes hair fall which is widely used to cure as an antifungal product.

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