As a property owner, you have many tasks to prepare your rental for new tenants. This includes getting rid of old clutter and making the place cleaner than ever before so that it’s ready when they move in with their stuff- or not! Preparing ahead will help ensure that everything goes smoothly from day one while also building an excellent relationship between you as their landlord–and all future renters who may want long term tenancies on offer too.

What about Safety of Your Property?

As the owner of a rental property, you have to take your safety seriously. You’re responsible for keeping any issues with H&S regulations and making sure all alarms work properly so that no one can enter unannounced or cause problems in case they show up at some point during tenancy – which is why it’s important not only when doing screening interviews but also before renting out space entirely. Install them right away if you haven’t already done so. You must also conduct annual tests according to law. Mold is an all too common problem in rental homes, especially if they are old. Make sure you hire professionals like property manager Toronto to check the property for mold and fungus before renting out your next place.

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Update Lock

One of the most important things to do is change the locks if you have tenants. Make sure they are secure and rekey any existing ones as well, so that no one can get into their old place easily. You should also renter a new code for all doors with security alarms- even though your current residents may be reputable people it doesn’t hurt to take precautions.

Solve Maintenance Issues

It is important to have a thorough check of your property before new tenants move in. If there are any issues that need fixing, then you should address them as soon possible so they can be fixed prior and complete their tenancy with no hassles. You could also hire commercial property manager Toronto in this regard.

Check Appliances

Tenants have certain expectations when moving in. They want their new place of residence to be move-in ready for them, this means that there should not be any surprises on arrival day such as a lack of light bulbs or electrical outlets (amongst other things). Tenant safety is important and for which you need think about before bedtime; make sure everything has been checked from top-to-bottom with reference to plumbing fixtures like leaky pipes.

The best way to avoid problems is by addressing the issues before they arise. You will need time for this, so set aside some of your preparation in order that you can find and hire technicians trained on fixing specific difficulties with thoroughness that suits all needs.

Fix Damages

If you had problems in the property before, let’s say as a faulty circuit breaker or leaky pipe for instance, it might be worth checking if that issue occurred again. One detail can ruin your tenants’ impression and cause mistrust–that’s why we recommend always being on top of repairs! If renting fully furnished place consider asking professionals from around town who offer handyman services to help out with anything furniture related like taking out old pieces so new ones don’t have stains too soon after move-in day begins.