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Everyone enjoys a good serving of French fries. The youngsters, on the other hand, can enjoy the prospect of eating French fries all day.

Despite this, we shouldn’t recommend eating fast food fries. They may contain a high amount of unsaturated fat as well as high levels of salt.

As a result, it is preferable to prepare fries at home. You may, however, run into another issue with your children.

They may say that these fries are not as tasty as the ones they got at the neighborhood fast-food restaurant. You can persuade your children to eat the nutritious fries in French fry boxes wholesale if you are a bit inventive.

Material Collection

Most people already have all of the materials they need to make colorful French fries. They are not difficult to make, so they don’t pose a great deal of difficulty.

In addition, this meal is perfect for a kid’s party when all the kids want to do gorge themselves on junk food and other unhealthy foods.


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Six russet potatoes should be washed and well dried with a kitchen towel. Potatoes must be peeled and then cut into sticks of 1/2-inch length as soon as they are peeled. This increased breadth allows the fries to cook more quickly.

Adding Lemon Juice

Fresh lemons should provide approximately half a cup of fresh lemon juice when squeezed. Combining lemon juice with food coloring will create a good and beautiful effect.

It should be sufficient to use around two teaspoons of coloring before you put them in French fry container. Lemon juice and water should be combined thoroughly before coloring is dissolved.

You have to mix together the colored lemon juice and potato slices in the container with the colored lemon juice.

Place the slices in a single layer on a baking sheet and make sure that they are well coated with lemon juice. Allow for a three-hour resting period between the potatoes to put them in French fries boxes afterward.

After that, spread some paper towels over the slices to allow them to dry. The potato roasting process can begin while the oven is preheated to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Baking Process

You will be baking the French fries in order to provide your children with a more nutritious treat. Prepare the roasting pan by sprinkling it with nonstick spray and setting it aside.

Check to see whether the colorful potato slices are still moist. Slices of dried potatoes are tossed in olive oil and seasoned with salt to taste.

Prepare the roasting pan by placing the slices in a single layer and setting them aside. As the bottom layer won’t cook, adding a second is unnecessary.

Place the baking sheet in the preheated oven for about 30 minutes. Take care to flip the fries over after 15 minutes. So, it will ensure that the other side is cooking as well. Also, allow the fries to cool for a few minutes before putting them in French fry boxes and serving them.

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