“Isn’t it a good day to be alive and breathing”. That’s the mantra my therapist asked me to repeat every morning when I wake up. Regardless of the weather, vibes anything I have to remind myself that everything is under control and I can do whatever I want with my life. It all started when my only kid decided to join school out of town. Well if you ask we are in the same country but for me not seeing him a day counted as he is far away. So long story short I did not take it well. I was anxious and worried and tried to stop him by making lame excuses like it is not safe out there and he can’t do this alone. Honestly, it was me who was not ready, he on the other hand is a strong boy who is ready for anything life throws at him.

So turned out I have to go to therapy sessions to overcome my insecurities and worries about him, his safety, and my own demons.  I was ashamed of myself that how could I show my family this vulnerable side of mine and why it is so difficult for me. I mean there are tons of kids who leave home for school and one day or another they have to go. We can’t just keep them with us forever. During the therapy sessions, I overcome the most anxious thoughts. 

  • Federal bureau of investigation NCIC reports that every year roughly 460000 children go missing in the United States.

Before his departure every day I would google such statistics and torture myself by visualizing the worst scenarios. But thankfully with the help of a great family and therapist, I am working on it and it is going great. My family recommended a therapist and my therapist shared a great tip to overcome my anxieties with the use of a hidden spy app for android

Well, don’t take the wrong impression with the name just like I did. Just wait for the details and you will eventually love how helpful the OgyMogy technology is in the long run.

Real-Time Whereabouts Alerts:

Real pinpoint location alerts have helped me a lot in the early days when I would be even anxious about his school timings and his time on the road.  The GPS location also offers a safe area and restricted area feature that also allows parents to make a virtual buffer zone on Google Maps for the kid. 

Protect Them From Spam Calls:

Get into the phone logbook of the kid and know about incoming and outgoing calls with call recording and call log feature. You can even listen to the caller and call content as well remotely with a hidden spy app for android the OgyMogy. 

Text Content At Your Access:

Read the text content and know if anyone is using foul or rude language or spamming your kid’s inbox with weird /vulgar messages. 

Know If Any One Is Bothering Them On Social Media:

The main danger whether your kid lives with you or faraway is social media.OgyMogy offers social media monitoring features like the Snapchat spy app, Youtube screen recorder, Instagram spy app, Fb spy app, and many more as parental control. You can know all about the digital life of the kid easily by using these features. 

Remotely Check Instant Messenger Chat App Activities:

Know about the instant messenger chat app easily with the spy app. It is one way to get into the private chat as well as public chat groups teenagers usually join for fun. 

Miss Them Watch Them:

The camera bug feature is the one I like the most as it lets me watch my kid whenever I want. The hidden spy app for android offers a camera bug feature that allows you to use the front and rear camera of the target whenever you want. So know what are they up to and track them if they are in any sort of trouble. 

OgyMogy hidden spy app for android has been a real blessing for me and my family. I am now free of worries and whenever any anxious thought tries to hit me OgyMogy makes sure to update me about my child’s well-being who is living far away.