Started in 27th october, Offermandu went under several trial phases for 3 months until the team became confident with final modus operandi . From Feb-2021, Offermandu is active on it’s Facebook and Website. The idea of offermandu came when a young mind stuying in class 12 saw a lot of offers and opportunities are getting missed by potential people due to lack of centralized offer posting medium. Also, he saw , companies are spending too much on ads just to make people know about their offers.

So, here comes the idea of offermandu in his mind. He designed website by himself, made a facebook page and started the journey officially from February 2021 after a long trial of 3 months, with his 2 colleagues . Now, offermandu have 4 members with 2 memers.

What offermandu does?

Offermandu promotes brands, their services and offers in a creative way through memes and creative form presentation so that people can understand offers easily. Also, they post giveaways, national and international scholarship and competition offers. The main goal here is to be a centralized medium to convey information about offers and opportunities.

Being a sole platfrom promoting offers and opportunities in the country,it basically posts about offers and opportunities and sometimes offers beyond the border from various brands,companies and instituties so that one need not to seek through the respective company’s page or website or wait until it eventually pops up into his/her feed.

In short, offermandu centralizes offers and opportunities that are best for the country’s people , especially the youngsters. Apart from posting offers and opportunities,offermandu tries to present it as creatively and understandable as possible through memeic presentation so that everyone enjoy and undersatnd the offer with ease.

Not only, national and international brands and companies, offermandu seeks to promote local offers too and it is currently working under model to work with local brands and sellers.

About website

The website has different categories, with special offers on the top and other offers according to categories,which include:

  • Giveaway
  • Scholarship and competition
  • Online shopping
  • Automobile and electronics
  • Entertainment and communication
  • Banks and Online Payment

Special offer section comprises the most important offers. There is also a meme section to entertain the visitors. The website contains a section as “offer results” where result of every offers, giveaways ,lucky draws and scholarship are listed.

Future Plans.

Offermandu hopes to reach as many Nepalese as possible through the influence of social media and creative presentation. The main goal here is to provide offers and opportunities to the people which they don’t want to miss but are missing due to lack of proper source of genuine information.

Offermandu plans to change itself with future needs and feedbacks from customers and companies. They plan to expand to India as offerhindstan within Dec.2021 and to the USA within Dec.2022. They already own domains for both of these countries.

Offermandu will do it’s best to grab pulblic support and to grow along with trust from people.

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