cho oyu expedition

Mount Cho-Oyu is taken as the sixth world Top peak Mountain in the world with an altitude of 8201m above the sea level. It is considered as the easiest than other expedition in Nepal among all the listed of 8000m peaks by climbing from the via Northwest Ridge, Big snowfields, With no technical climbing with almost a kind of technical danger in its directions.

The climbing or expedition to the Mount Cho-You can be easily accessed by the help of any kind of four-wheel driving vehicle available to you from the Tingri which is maybe often guided by the various authority, and is regarded as the first 8000m peaks the climbers mostly found there. Cho-you is the expedition taking place which may be almost a far from 30 km west side straddles in the border between the World’s highest peak Mt. Everest and in border of  China and India.

The expedition can be easily done from the any side of this place from the Both Nepal side located from the south face of direction and similarly northeast ridge trails with along a Tibetian side and also throughout the Northwest ridge trail that is almost north approach which is regarded as the most standard route as well as easier to explore from this place especially for the one time traveller. The climbing and organizing the expedition program in this Cho-You expedition is easier than other mountains and can be also climb in any of the seasons of autumn and spring.

The climbers who wanted the additional support from the expedition and climbing the mountain like Cho-Oyu and the many of the snowy horizon with the help of a talented sherpa may be the one best option for your expedition. They will assign you the very talented one of their employee sherpa who had already the members of the expedition team from the past programs including Cho You and Mount Everest expedition of experiences many times.

These of the sherpa who is well experienced in nature are been trained and educated fro the Khumbu sherpa climbing school that makes fully equipped tpo speak the English language very frequently. Expedition in the Cho You region as a small one there is almost a category of a two-person team that will be able to take some of the advantages of the two different globe related world in their lifetime taking the power of Horsepower the region covered mainly by the snowy Horizon in your that are found in the time of emergency.

On the other hand, the additional flexibility in the snow horizon will also lead to the affordable climbing partner who is deliberate to clomb the mountain according to the exclusive time of the individual schedule on any basis of your comfortless. There also your person hired sherpa with you who will help to carry your belongings, personal gears, oxygen cylinder for the protected and safe expedition to refuse any kind of danger while climbing.

Climbing to the Cho You is almost easier than other of the expedition above 8000m above sea level including the same above heights. There can be a minor approach done through the Noth side while climbing the TRingi plain, which is sent to the Palung Glacier which is also situated in the north face peak including the Gyabrag Glacier with almost surrounded by the Northwest face during the expedition in this region.

It may take some of the days to be there maybe three days to mob=ve to the destination of Trinri at the altu\itude of 4300m above sea level directing from the valley of Kathmandu whereas the acclimatization stops us in the Nylam 3700m above sea level and   Zhangmu at the height of 1600m.

The travel to the Tingri expedition and climbing takes you to the have a rest to the Base camp of Chinese with an altitude of 5000m above sea level Whereas in the middle of the camp it is 5300m above sea level before we arrive at the Base camp North at ChoYou at an altitude of 5700m that makes reaching to the reaching to the destination from the Kathmandu valley. It also has the many ridges while climbing The northeast, northwest including southwest that man\kes a facing towards the rising of the 3000m fro the ABC region.

Talking about the expedition fro the south side 

It is playground for the High altitude located on the south side of Cho You of sections due to the face cool that is relatively and easily accessible for the ultimate climbers with good level of skills. On the next date of 1994 Yasushi Yamanoi make completion of the first solo climb that is traveled fro the direction of southwest elevation.

Similarly, on October 2, 2006, it is also taken that Slovenian Pavel Kozjek has a rate of speed climbing that is a new-made trail facing the southwest region with the solo travel ascent from the vase camp of advanced. Thre is vertical type of ice fall which is saidas crux and is also bypassed by the 5.6 for rock climbing. It was a deadly challenge and he made it at fourteen hours.

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