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Home Depot and Lowes are both good competitors in their respective home improvement segments. However, there is more to the Home Depot/Lowes comparison than just a good chain of stores. These stores carry a wide variety of items for the homeowner and contractor.

In this article, I will compare and contrast these two superstores to help you determine who is leading the home-improvement market.

Home Improvement Site Selection software

In these times when residential home prices continue to sky rocket one would think that Home Depot would be the last to be struggling in the home improvement market but that is not the case. Home Depot and it’s largest competitor Lowe’s have been facing a different kind of challenge – the labor shortage and supply chain disruption. In the Home Depot vs Lowe’s fight for the consumer’s business, and like with any good competition both companies have their strong points and weaknesses. Home Depot prides itself on its superstore locations and its ability to provide low prices to its customers. Lowe’s weak points are its location and its stores are spread out and don’t have the big “anchor” stores.  

Both Home Depot and Lowe’s have invested in huge fulfilment centers and superstore locations. Which help to minimize delivery delays and prevent empty shelves. Lowe’s has been focusing on same day or even next day delivery if needed. Home Depot also offers a wider variety of supplies and home improvement products. Recently, an Atlanta based tech startup, Mapzot has developed a Home Improvement Site Selection software that pinpoints high performing locations for Home Improvement chains like The Home Depot and Lowe’s.

Where to Get a Home Improvement Loan

The tech startup claims that their A.I. for Home Improvement Site Selection gives Home Improvement loan first need the first mover advantage and an option to open big-box stores that their competitor doesn’t. The program picks locations based hundreds of factors and even forecasts potential store sales.

If you are a customer deciding between Home Depot and Lowe’s for your home improvement needs it is important to have a larger store that offers more products and better customer service. A great Home improvement site selection software does exactly that. It identifies where the potential customer live and identifies market gaps.  

Home Depot and Lowes are some of the biggest home improvement chains in the country. The Home Depot has locations in all 50 states plus the District of Columbia is a strong player in the home improvement industry.

Home improvement is a multi-million dollar business. Each individual home improvement store makes millions of dollars in sales in a year. With millions of dollars at stake it is easy to see why home improvement companies would want to open more high performing locations nationally. Both Lowe’s and Home Depot are very large and have many stores. Some store do better than the others due to bad location strategy and opening stores based on intuition. 


Site selection software for Home improvement stores are great for brands looking to expand their brands. Recently Floor & Décor has been making strides to capture the Home improvement market. Floor & Décor is a nationwide chain that specializes in discount home improvement merchandise. 

Specialized A.I for Home Improvement Site Selection helps in identifying where the most likely people will spend money on home improvement. Home improvement store sales still largely remains in-store and mostly require customers to pick up bulky items from stores.

Any home improvement project requires people to make multiple trips to the store and it becomes important where the store is located. If customers have to travel long distances to purchase the items they need, they will not save money. Customers will pick Home improvement stores close to where they live. 

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