Lifestyle Changes to Make to Avoid Acid Reflux

Acid reflux, also known as GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), is a condition when your stomach acid goes back up and sweeps into the oesophageal sphincter that causes the burning sensation in the lower chest area. Sometimes it is so severe that it affects your throat as well. This condition is also known as heartburn. One in three adults suffers from this condition.

Most of the common causes of GERD are difficulty in swallowing, burning sensation, and vomit smell in your nose. Acid reflux is not an underlying condition that has no cure. Most of the common reasons why people have acid reflux disease are their poor lifestyle.

Smoking, drinking, and junk food are the most common reasons. Some people pop in to a lot of burgers, pizzas, carbonated drinks, and then call it a day as soon as they feel such symptoms, but if you are still suffering from them, you should see a doctor.

Lifestyle changes that can avoid GERD

By changing your lifestyle, you can easily deal with acid reflux disease. Here is what you need to do:

Manage your stress

Stress management is crucial if you want to get rid of GERD problems. Most of the people take a lot of stress, and it causes acidity that churns your stomach. You will eventually find your stomach fuller and stiffed as if you have overeaten food.

The reflux of your stomach contents starts hitting your oesophageal sphincter. It debilitates it over time and then finds its way to creep up, and then the problems start. This is why it is suggested to manage your stress.

You are not alone whose life has complications. You should bravely tackle your problems. Stressing about bad events or beating yourself up for your past will take you nowhere. This is why it is crucial to learn to overcome your habit of taking stress. Here is what you can do to manage stress:

  • As a negative thought flash across your mind, you should not hold that. Thoughts will keep moving across your mind. It is up to you whether you hold them or you let them go.
  • You should meditate so deep breathing can release endorphins. They can help uplift your mood. Divert your mind if you are idle.
  • Do exercise. This is a great way to boost endorphins. You should step out of your home and do a brisk walk, jogging and skipping. When you interact with nature in the park, you will feel lighter and more pleased.

Avoid food that causes acidity

Foods that cause acidity must be removed from your menu. There is no specific food except a few items that are acidic in nature. This is because trigger food varies by person. It depends on your body how it reacts to a specific type of food.

You should carefully notice how a specific type of food affects your body. However, the most common types of foods that cause acidity include carbonated beverages, coffee, spicy food, fatty food like meat, chicken, and dairy products in some cases.

It is not likely that all types of foods will cause acidity. It depends on how your body works. Some people may have to experience GERD if they drink whole milk before going to bed, while others do not feel such symptoms. This is why it is suggested to carefully analyse how you are feeling after the intake of a certain kind of food.

Stop drinking alcohol

You all know that alcohol is bad for your health, but you still drink. According to WHO guidelines, a healthy man is not allowed to drink more than two drinks, and a healthy woman is not allowed to drink more than one drink.

Unfortunately, some people drink too much, as if they would never get a chance to drink. Alcohol is very acidic in nature. If you consume too much alcohol, it can irritate your stomach lining.

Acidity causes burns. It destroys tissues. If you have these symptoms over time, you will likely end up with stomach cancer. This is why it is suggested not to drink too much alcohol.

Try to drink after eating food because this will help you reduce the intake of alcohol. However, make sure that you do not go to your bed immediately to sleep.

Avoid lying down immediately after having food

One of the significant reasons for suffering from gastroesophageal sphincter is that you immediately lie down after eating food. It is always suggested to lie down 30 minutes after eating food. Most of the time, you just finish your food and then go to your bed.

Even if you are simply watching TV while lying on the bed, it can cause GERD. This is because your stomach acid can rise and hit your oesophageal sphincter. The best approach is not to go to your bed immediately.

Try to eat smaller meals and make sure that you do not eat spicy food. If you consume too many spices and meat, and chicken, you will end up with GERD symptoms.

When to consult a doctor

If you do not feel any improvement in symptoms despite changing your lifestyle, you should consult a doctor. It is crucial to see a doctor because otherwise, this will turn into a severe disease. You cannot simply ignore it by just taking antacid tablets.

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The bottom line

GERD is a very common problem, but you can keep it at bay with changes in your lifestyle. If you have severe symptoms, you should consult a doctor.

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