How to be an LGV Driver Training Instructor?


Driving is not only a medium through which you visit one place to another, but it is a passionate field for some people. These people get thrilled through driving, enjoy the routes, and are passionate about driving different types of vehicles. As we all are aware of different pieces of training and tests one needs to follow up to get a licence for any particular vehicle. Talking about LGV one needs to go through proper authorized LGV Driver training and get clearance about how the tests will be done, all the procedures are clear beforehand, that is why training plays a very important role in licencing. A further test for LGV is done in a procedural way that starts with the medical test which includes a general checkup to check if the person is fit for driving.

Secondly, with the theory test consisting of 100 questions out of which 85 need to be correct to clear and go for the practical test, the theory test is done to check the knowledge of the person related to general driving, rules, and regulations. Further, the last part of the examination is the practical test which is to check your driving skills in different conditions like heavy traffic, slope roads, etc. But what if the person wants to excel their career as an instructor for LGV Driver Training? It needs proper training and skills to be an instructor and of course, it is a tougher job than regular driving. As one should be clear of even the minor problems. You can directly apply and register for Large Goods Vehicles Instructors. It is defined in simple and clear formats below. Read more to get a stepwise description to be an LGV Instructor. 

How to Qualify for an LGV Driver Training Instructor?

To qualify for an LGV Driver Training Instructor, one needs to follow the below written steps to accomplish a career as an LGV Instructor.

  1. Apply to an (RTC) Regional Training centre according to your choice.
  2. You will be further given a reference number which you can use to start qualifying for LGV driver training instructor.
  3. The basic LGV Driver training and tests are to be accomplished like a theory test of 100 questions is to be taken and cleared of 85% questions is to be correct to further go for the practical test and one should secure a minimum of 80% in four areas.
  4. Then one needs to pass the general driving test and further, the test of instructional ability is to be cleared.

Now you are granted three attempts to clear for an LGV Instructor. If you fail in the third attempt you need to wait for one long year to redo the things. Also, you need to give all the three-step examinations again if you are not able to clear all three in one year.

OR after clearing the driving and theory test you can also go for the module-based instructor training course. After clearing all the modules you will directly qualify to register.

You are eligible only if 

You have a full large goods vehicle (LGV) licence for the category you want to work as an instructor. You can apply for the same if you cleared the LGV licence test, three or more years back or more than the year but passed the PCV test three years back.

After Qualification what do you need to do?

When you are qualified from the Regional training center (RTC), they will enter your name on the instructor’s register. When your name is on the instructor’s register your details will be visible to people who are looking for LGV Driver training and that will appear on the web-based register of instructors. Personally, you can advertise yourself as a Registered LGV Instructor so that more people get connected and gradually you grow your career in the field of instructing for LGV vehicles. The most important part is for what time the name of the registered LGV Instructor lasts? The simple answer to this question is that the licence of a registered LGV instructor lasts for five years. You have five long years to make your demand in the market so that more people know your name and your career is bright. After five years you can follow the renewal process if any.


On the whole, Driving may be a need for someone but working as an instructor is a passion for people. Because people with a great passion for driving go for this type of career choice. This field has a lot of exposure as one meets different people with different driving skills making them learn the appropriate skills is the big task and one learns various other skills in their ongoing career that is being patient, confident and making the other person feel confident.

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