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With the increased dependency on technology and the recent outbreak of coronavirus, human lives have become entrapped in their homes. Every time there is a virus, fungi or an infection developing in your body, the immune system acts as an immediate response towards fighting them. Given the current circumstances, staying in your home for prolonged periods of time can weaken your immune system but there are a lot of things you can do to maintain your physical well being. One of those things is nasal irrigation and the item you need for that is a Jala Neti Pot. This blog will tell you the benefits of nasal irrigation and the importance of buying the best Neti pot available in the market.


Given the recent outbreak of the coronavirus, the areas in our body most vulnerable to the virus are the ears, nose and throat. While ear and throat hygiene is already practiced by every individual, nasal hygiene is also very important. Nasal Irrigation is a personal hygiene procedure that has done to flush out mucus, fungus and debris from the nasal cavity. It is more of a practice that has performed by people on a regular basis and is similar to cleaning your ears and brushing your teeth. Nasal irrigation ensures the overall hygiene of your nasal cavity and allows you to breathe more efficiently.

There are a lot of alternatives when it comes to nasal irrigation procedures and Jala Neti Pots are the most effective when it comes to cleaning the nasal cavity. A Jala Neti Pot is a device developed by ayurveda and yoga practitioners of ancient India that uses saline water. The saline water present in the pot enters your nasal cavity through one nostril and exits through another cleaning each and every corner of your nasal cavity. Jala Neti Pots made from glass, plastic, ceramic, or metal.

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  • Removal of excess mucus.
  • Preventiom of fungal development in the nasal cavity.
  • The overall sense of smell and taste has improved.
  • Provides relief from sinus headaches.
  • Prevents the nasal cavity from getting dry.
  • Reduces snoring.
  • Enhances breathing.


While Jala Neti Pots known for being the best alternative when it comes to nasal irrigation. They can also easily become a breeding ground for fungus and bacteria. Most of the times the hygiene of the Neti pot itself depends on the material used in the making. When buying a Neti pot online, you should make sure that the pot is made of clinically hygienic non-toxic stainless steel. It prevents fungus and bacteria from developing in the Neti pot.

On the other hand you should also make sure that the nasal pipe of the Neti Pot fits your nose perfectly. You don’t want it to feel uncomfortable when you insert it in your nose. Ensuring these factors while buying can get you the best Neti pot available online.

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