Custom Cartridge Boxes

The demand for vaping products now increasing in chain smokers. Smokers are becoming addicted to vape flavors and tastes. The smoking of vape considers less harmful than tobacco products. The smokers who are addicted to traditional smoking are also shifting to vaping. It is because it is less addictive and does not cause harm to nonsmokers. The custom cartridge boxes competition also increasing among brands. The brand likes to use high-quality packaging. Which not only protects their products but also becomes a style statement. The brands like to add innovativeness to their packaging.

As vaping is gradually becoming more common in youngsters and adults. So they like to carry fashionable products which depict their personality. As the demand for vaping products is growing so the industry of vaping is also becoming popular. Many brands that used to sell traditional smoking products are entering the vaping industry. As it has more revenue.

Because of the attractive benefits of vaping, like flavor and taste, the demand for vaping is increasing day by day. The packaging industry makes unique and appealing packaging to cater to the needs of custom cartridge boxes customers. The brands always try to stand out from the crowd in terms of unique branding and promotion techniques. The vaping industry annually generates an enormous amount of revenue. However, the competition among brands is increasing because of unique packaging. Every brand tries to make unique and attractive packaging. The brands always opt for packaging which is of high quality and enables the brand to grow.

In addition, the material of these boxes must be of high quality, which stores the product without damage. The cartridge boxes have the best shape and size which fits the vape cartridge perfectly into them. In this article, we shall discuss how traditional smoking is converting to vaping products? Also, why designing of vaping products enhance the sales of brands and attracts smoker?

How unique packaging highly appreciated by the customers

The regular packaging is less eye-catching than the unique one. The attractive and exotic colors of vape cartridge boxes attract nonsmokers too. The unique packaging has several benefits which make it more attractive in the eyes of customers. Suppose if all the brands pack in the same packaging. Then how a customer can distinguish the brand? He might select the wrong brand. The customers recognize the brand by its packaging. The brands engage the customers with packaging. Here are some modern ways to pack vape cartridges in a unique and branding way:

Traditional printing vs digital printing

Traditional print, which is known as digital printing, uses a lot of ink. Whereas, digital printing use machines which are cost-effective. They consume less ink and produce more cartridge packaging than the traditional used to produce. The digital printing techniques are eco-friendly. However, the traditional printing the colors are more visible and bright. Although digital printing has fewer bright colors. Hence, by using these techniques, brands can customize their packaging. Also, they can stand out from competitors.

Embossing vs bossing

In custom cartridge boxes, embossing, and debossing are common techniques. Now it would have become a trend to emboss the name of the brand. In embossing, the design, logo, or brand name is in print on special paper. After that, the paper is heated till it leaves an impression on the cartridge boxes. It is a common and easy way to emboss a brand’s name, logo, or design on the packaging. On the other hand, debossing is a technique in which the design, logo, or name of the brand is placed on the paper. Then the paper was pressed down on the custom cartridge boxes. However, debossing cannot be removed from the packaging.

Varnishing vs lacquering

The delicate items such as vape cartridges require strong packaging. The lacquering is suitable for plastic boxes. It is because it gives additional protection to the product inside it. The vape cartridge is made from glass so lacquering packaging protects the cartridge against scratches and other damage. Also, it gives gloss to the packaging. Whereas, the varnishing technique on the packaging. It gives a more glossing look to the packaging without making it dull and less attractive. Hence, in premium and luxury packaging, varnishing and lacquering techniques have been used. Both techniques cost little, however, they look expensive to the customers.

Why do smokers get hooked on modern packaging styles?

The smokers like wholesale cartridges packaging because it gives them the feel of elite and luxurious products. Each flavor of vape differentiates with unique color packaging. For instance, strawberry flavor represented with dark pink packaging and so on and so forth. In addition, the aroma and scent of flavor infused in the vape cartridge can smell from the box. The shipping of cartridges packaging becomes easy. The customers can get vape in a limited time with no damage. The vape cartridges are small and sleek. They need sleek and smart packaging. The packaging must be so sleek that it occupies little space. However, it is put into a pocket or purse. Among vape cartridges, the brands can grow their business by selling e-cigars, e-cigarettes, and batteries for vaping products.


The custom cartridge boxes have unique and attractive designs. Which forces the nonsmoker to purchase a vape cartridge. These cartridges have a delicate nature. Which requires strong and reliable packaging. The smokers feel good while vaping when they take out the cartridge from wholesale cartridges packaging. Likewise, to make the packaging glossing brands use the techniques of varnishing, lacquering, embossing, debossing, traditional printing, and digital printing. Which makes the packaging luxurious and elite in the eyes of customers. However, this technique looks luxurious but costs little. E-liquids, batteries of vapes, e cigars, and e-cigarettes can add to the business to make the brand grow and flourish. The packaging is a way to communicate with your target audience. The approval from customers is highly important when brands market their products. The packaging serves the purpose of promotion without cost for brands.

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