When is the refund of income tax in the event of overpayment or tax credit? What change with the withholding tax? The return schedule to know, regardless of the payment method used by the Public Treasury, letter-check or bank transfer.

Monthly payment, down payments: repayment date in case of overpayment

This was one of the drawbacks of the monthly tax payment: when income fell and if we did not take the initiative by modulating the amount of monthly payments downwards, tax refund schedule we could find ourselves in a situation of too much collected by the Public Treasury, either because the amount of tax decreases, or because one becomes non-taxable on his income, or even in the presence of a tax credit greater than the amount of tax of.

This situation no longer exists since 2019 due to the termination of monthly income tax contracts (IR or IRPP ) on December 31, 2018 due to the entry into force of the withholding tax.

Until 2018, in most of these cases, the taxpayer was reimbursed for withdrawals made since January between the deadlines of July (July 16, 2018) and August (August 16), during the 29 weeks of year (week of July 16, 2018) and 30 (week of July 23, 2018).

Tax credit, tax reduction: partial refund in January 2021

60% advance on tax reductions and credits in January

Since the entry into force of the withholding tax on income (PAS or PALS) on January 1, 2019, tax reductions and tax credits are returned either in two installments or in one go, tax refund schedule depending on the nature of the tax benefit.

Thus, for expenses incurred in 2020, the restitution of tax reductions and tax credits ends in the summer of 2021.

Taxpayers benefiting in 2020 from certain tax credits and reductions receive part of their tax credit in the form of an early partial refund. This deposit is equal to 60% of the tax benefit and was paid on January 15, 2021.

The list of devices eligible for this deposit is as follows:

personal services tax credit (childcare costs for children under 6 and employment / home help)

25% tax reduction on accommodation expenses in EHPAD (accommodation costs in an establishment for dependent people)

tax reduction for donations to works and associations helping people in difficulty

tax reduction for donations / contributions to political parties and election candidates

tax credit for union dues

real estate tax exemption ( Pinel , Duflot, Scellier, Girardin social, Girardin immobilier, Censi-Bouvard investments ). The Malraux law tax reduction was excluded from the mechanism.

The balance of 40% is reimbursed during the summer of 2021. In reality, the device is however more complicated than that.

The 60% advance was calculated on the basis of transactions giving rise to a reduction or tax credit in 2020 on 2019 payments. Thus, people who made their first donation or their first Pinel real estate investment in 2020 received no deposit in this regard in January 2021.

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