Animals In Human life

We all know that animals are very useful things for us. Animals in human life are easier. We get the most essential things food, clothes, medicines from animals. They play an important part in our lives. When a child has no brother and sister pets-animals help to develop increased participation in physical and social activities. Animals can help us in many ways,

humans never survived without them. We never contribute the things that animals can give nature. Bees are most important for nature.

1)Things we get from animals:

We get so many things from animals. But wool, milk, meat, skin, and dairy are the most basic things that we get from them. Their bones and teeth are also expensive things.

2) Food:

●  Dairy product:

Some animals help us to get food. Animals like cows, buffalo, goats give u milk. Milk provides us nutrition, it’s a source of protein. Milk and dairy products like cheese, butter, yogurt, the chocolate we get from animals. It helps us to maintain a healthy weight. Research says three cups of milk every day is good for us.

Beef, pork, chicken, mutton, are popular meat. These are highly rich in proteins and fats. Red meats provide us with protein, zinc, vitamin B12. Red meat is a vital part of the human diet. Fish filled with omega 3, fatty acid. Eating fish two times in a weak is a healthy diet.

3) Skin:

The skin of animals is a very valuable thing in the market. Animals have killed their skin meat both. Billions of animals die because of their skin, for accessories and clothing.

●  Wool:

We get wool from living animals. It obtained shearing fleece other sheep animals. Goat, rabbit, yak, camel, and llama also provided wool, it’s an active fiber, it can help mainly change the body temperature. People have been using wool for many years. For clothing, it is mainly used. Sweaters, puffer jackets, makes our body worm and provide comfort. Not only winter clothes, and we also use wool in our daily life it is used in pillow filling. Use in mattress, woolen mattress warmer in winter, cooler in summer. Popular japanese futon ikea made in wool.

●   leather:

Leather is a strong, durable material. The most common leathers come from sheep, goats, buffalo, cows. Leather can be used to make a variety of items. Tanning is the process of treating skin. Before tanning, the skins are degreased, desalted, then soaked into the water over the night or two days. The tanning process makes skin more durable. It is basically brownish tone, brown, red, and tan color. It uses for clothes, bags, shoes, gloves, accessories.

●  Ivory:

Ivory is a white material. Its teeth of elephants. Ivory is the most popular and highly valued thing. Narwhal, sperm, hippopotamus has ivory, which is made of similar chemical structure the ivory elephants most popular and expensive. In China and Hong Kong, it’s expensive material used jewelry. It is also used traditional medicine and artifacts.

4) Bottom line:

Animals’ contribution to human life really helpful. For the ecosystem, bees are very important for us. We can’t survive without animals. Seeds dispersed by birds. Without birds, many trees will disappear. They are important for our existence. For a healthy ecological balance, we need wild animals. Plants animals both are important to us. But the sad truth is we don’t care about animals as much as they need. Different animals play different roles. They help us in many ways. Humans shouldn’t exploit animals.

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