Sometimes, it might seem that everything is going well with your app. You may feel that the existing features and the way your app works don’t need any changes. However, your competitors are constantly trying to improve their apps to attract your users to their platform.

Your users will switch to your rival’s app if they don’t see any change in your app. And you will be left wondering what is not working. Therefore, it is important that you constantly strive to improve the experience of your users. This is how you will be able to stay in the game for a long time.

If you own an app like Facebook, there are many ways you can improve and add new features to it. Those features will make the app more interesting and engaging for your users. One such feature that you can add is the “News” feature. You can provide curated news articles from every media house in one place to the user.

In this article, we will discuss how the feature will work and how you can curate news articles.

How Does It Work?

The “News” feature will work exactly like the general feed feature. The advantage is that you already have a lot of details about the user. You know their likes, preferences, and how they engage with posts. You also know which pages and accounts they follow. This will make it easier for the machine learning algorithm to curate the news feed.

Apart from this, you can give the users an option to select the topics they want updates about. The topics could be politics, business, environment, literature, sports, entertainment, etc. The more detailed the list, the more relevant news you will be able to provide them. 

This information when combined with the data that the algorithm already has can give users personalized news feeds.

How to Curate the News Articles?

Make sure you consider the following points when choosing news articles for your users-

1. Local News

This section will be one of the most important sections that a user will read on your Facebook like app. Everyone wants to know about the news that can have a significant impact on their lives, local area, or industry. People love to know what’s happening around them and if it will impact them in any way.

2. Prevalence

It’s true that users would want to read news about topics of their interests or their local areas. However, they would also like to stay updated about major events happening around the world. When you do display the news to the user, make that you show the major headlines first.

3. Impact & Depth

These are the stories that the user will be able to relate to and will have a prominent effect on them. This could be interviews, research data, or stories with a historical context. Appropriate visualization in the form of images, graphs, or maps will add to the reading experience.

4. Interest

This is where users might spend the most time. You can make use of the information you got in the beginning when you asked users to select their interests. Reading about updates on their favorite topics is bound to make them spend more time on your Facebook clone app development

If you succeed in this, your app might receive a major boost to your app downloads and engagement. You can also give the users more flexibility by allowing them to change their interests.

5. Diversity

This is very important if you want to give a pleasant news reading experience to your users. If you show users the same kind of news, they are bound to get bored. They might even stop using the feature entirely. The aim here is to keep them interested. To do this, make sure that you show them news from various topics. It’s possible that users might find an article or a topic interesting that they had never explored before. They may also find something that they didn’t know about. Keeping diverse topics will help both the users and your app like Facebook.

How You Must Present the Articles?

1. Facts

After selecting the news, what matters is how you present it. People love to know facts and figures. You can add the same in the stories and headlines of the “News” feature of your Facebook clone app. Make sure that those facts are correct and are verified by an authentic source.

2. Original Report

When you are presenting a news article, it is important that you use original content to report it. It will increase your credibility and will give more proof of authenticity to the user.

3. Timeline

When reporting a story, you must prioritize publishing the latest update or fact about that topic. If the user feels that you are behind a story, it might impact your Facebook like app. Users are fast in switching platforms if one doesn’t meet their expectations.

In Conclusion

It is better to avoid spam that is too self-promotional and information that is dull. Lengthy and hard-to-read content that only appeals to a small portion of your audience must also be avoided.

The most effective strategies to help people make the most of the “News” feature are simple. Content that is entertaining, real, and resonates with your audience will have the best impact on them. This usually comprises aesthetically appealing media and vital news that piques the interest of a broad audience.

This “News” feature is one of many that you can add to your Facebook clone app to make it relevant with time. The machine learning technology can be used to integrate other features too. But these features and technology can work smoothly only if their integration is smooth and bug-free. 

For this, you need a technology partner that is well-versed in the latest trends and has relevant experience in this field. At Narola Infotech, we believe in giving the best to our clients. We can use our experience of working with different clients in different fields to give you a flawless product. So, if you are looking to add a feature or two to your app, make sure you contact us!

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