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A marriage anniversary is a beautiful journey of love and happiness. It’s the time when husband and wife celebrate their bond, which has been formed for years together. This day is also known as Wedding anniversary or Honeymoon anniversary. The couple will be celebrating this special occasion with loads of gifts, cards and flowers in order to express their emotions towards each other. Couples get married at different age groups but they always keep on remembering it till date. They often make plans for future events like honeymoon trip etc., so that they can enjoy every moment of life along with their beloved ones. In most cases, couples plan their wedding anniversary dates according to their birthdays. If you are planning to marry someone who was born before 1980s then there might be some changes in the way you celebrate anniversaries. For example, if he/she celebrates his birthday after 30th June, then he/she would be having an extra year added to his/her actual age. So, if you want to have an ideal celebration for him/ her than you should know about the same beforehand. There are many ways by which people celebrate their wedding anniversary apart from traditional methods. You can choose any one out of them based on your budget and convenience. Here we list few such ideas and tips regarding how to celebrate your wedding anniversary:

1) Choose Gift Cards

Gift card is not only very easy to give but is also convenient. When you gift a gift card instead of presenting cash, they feel more appreciated and loved. Also, gifting a gift card gives a lot of options to choose from. All you need is just to select the best one among all the available options. And, since these days even shopping malls offer gift vouchers, where you can use those without spending too much money. You can buy something small for yourself while buying for others. You can go anywhere and shop anything you want including jewellery, clothes, cosmetics, perfumes and electronics.

2) Make Your Own Cake

Cake represents the symbol of joy and prosperity. So, why don’t you make your own cake? Yes! Making cakes is no rocket science; especially now-a-day’s internet provides us with tons of recipes to follow. You may try making simple yet delicious cakes like chocolate chip cookies, brownies, cupcakes, sponge cakes, fruitcake, muffins, carrot cake, pineapple upside down cake, red velvet cake, banana bread and lemon bars. These kinds of cakes are perfect for weddings because they look great & taste amazing. You can decorate your cake with fruits and drizzle frosting over it and serve them to guests. Or else, you could bake fresh blueberry pie, strawberry shortcake or raspberry cheesecake.

3) Take Her Out Shopping

If you do not have enough money to spend on your dear one, make sure she knows what kind of dress suits her well. She deserves everything good and you deserve nothing less than the best for her.


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