Sometimes malware may have entered our computer on purpose. It also makes a difference in the presentation of laptops and computers.

Having antivirus can solve many problems, but sometimes even the best antivirus may not be able to stop the malware.

That’s why today we are giving you information on how to remove malware from your computer.

Keep updating the antivirus

If the antivirus is updated and used, it will work even better. Updated software makes it easier to identify malware.

Even a day old antivirus increases the chances of malware. It is better to use antivirus like Casper Sky Security Cloud Free.

Malware bytes and Norton Power Eraser software can also be used for the scan.

Revert, reboot, scan and rescan

If malware has taken effect, it may be best if users reset the system. If you are a Windows 10 user, it comes with built-in Microsoft Defender.

For that first go to settings and go to update and security and then go to windows security and go to virus and threat protection.

Once Windows Defender is activated, you may need to scan from time to time. If you feel that the malware is not there, you need to scan it.

Nuclear alternative

All users are afraid to use nuclear alternatives like Norton Power Eraser because it can not only remove malware but also damage our devices.

This information is given by the app at the beginning. But it is better to do a loss of one or two programs than to do a full Windows 10 factory reset. This way the device is still secure.

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