Research conducted by Statista now reveals that close to 67% of B2B businesses are now utilizing Twitter features for marketing.

Given that Twitter commands slightly over 336 million monthly active users, it is touted as one of the largest social platforms in the World. As such, most entrepreneurs leverage the high number of Twitter users to market their brands.

So, how can you make your product stand out with Twitter marketing? Read on!

Invest in Quality Video Content

The use of video ads is effective in tapping into twitters huge audience. The use of video content in storytelling makes it easier for your target audience to memorize the message passed through the video. The popularity of video content in advertising has seen a sharp increase in video ads across various networks.

According to, the number of people using video for marketing has increased by 85% over the years. This is coupled with 86% of businesses that are now using video as a tool of marketing.

Test your Copies

Testing your copies in the feeds before rolling out a robust product marketing campaign is critical in achieving the best results from a marketing campaign. Commonly referred to as A/B testing, you can test out an ad copy, images, messaging, and other offers in your organic posts.

If your Twitter followers develop an interest in your ad copies then your prospects are likely to embrace your product. That way you stand a chance to improve the visibility of your product in real-time.

Leverage on The Targeting feature

Targeting helps you reach out to a specific market segment that is likely to develop an interest in your product. All you need is to zero in on Twitter targeting features to narrow down your target market. This allows you to choose your audience based on location, age, gender, device, and interests.

Furthermore, you can as well target your audience based on various specifics like interests, conversations, follower lookalikes, and keywords.

There are hundreds of Twitter features that you can utilize to breathe life into your awareness campaign. For a better return on investment, you can choose to track your Twitter ad campaigns.

Trigger a Conversation

Initiating a conversation is an ideal way of establishing long-term relationships with prospects. In that case, if you want your product to stand out among competitors, try to be on the front line in canvassing product features and other information with your audience.

Alternatively, you can choose to invite feedback about your product, run a poll, initiate a discussion, or ask a funny question. Twitter is all about the conversation. Consistent engagement is effective in helping the target audience develop trust in your brand.

Depending on what you intend to achieve, you should always start a conversation that intends to help clients familiarize themselves with your product. This is because the end goal is to ensure information regarding your brand reaches out to the right prospects.

Use Visuals

Twitter is a visual medium. This means you should invest resources and time in creating catchy visuals. To produce high-quality content, avoid templates and stock shots. Instead, use illustrations or custom photography to create eye-catching visuals that can’t be found anywhere. In that case, you should always combine text and visuals to produce powerful copies.

Create a Perfect CTA

Do not coil around in writing a CTA. Convey the direct message to communicate to clients how they will benefit from buying your product. In that case, avoid the fluff and tell your clients what you expect them to do and what they are likely to get in not soft-sell nor hide the information, go straight to the point and direct your client to take some action. This will not only help your client to take some action but also improve the visibility of your product. With a powerful CTA in your tweets, you are likely to generate interest from prospects who may in return notice your product and take some action.

Keep the Message Simple

The effectiveness of a marketing campaign heavily relies on how the marketing information is packaged. Short and clear product information is essential in guiding prospects about what the product is all about. Just the way you can write a billboard ad, you should apply the same to a Twitter ad.

The shorter the ad messages the higher the chances of followers stopping by to scroll through your ad. That way, you stand a chance to improve the visibility of your product. Therefore, if you want your product to stand out among others, you have to emphasize producing simple and clear Twitter ads. If not then you may not realize any improvement in your brand visibility efforts.

Use Influencers

If you are struggling to market your product through other means, then it’s high time you try out the services of influencers. All you ne4ed is simply to share your ideas with influencers. If they like it, they may easily boost the visibility of your brand through a simple post.

The first step is identifying influencers that command a higher number of industrial-specific Twitter followers. One of the criteria is going for influencers that you may have interacted with. They may either have re tweeted your tweet or you may as well have responded to some of their tweets.

Another question that you should ask yourself is whether their brand aligns with your industry. In case they meet your criteria then you can simply DM them and request them to promote your product through a tweet.

In case you have a problem finding industrial-specific influencers you can choose to use Klout a popular tool that will help you get influencers that you may not have prior information about.


Twitter marketing can only be effective if you understand the ropes. While there are many ways you can promote your product through Twitter, strategies highlighted in this article can help you achieve the best results.

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