A machine that complements the much-needed manual work of our reference physiotherapy practice.

We will emphasize that it is a compliment and not a therapy that comes to replace the care of the physio, that which is always ahead.


percussion therapy something homemade

We are going to explain a little the many qualities of the percussion therapy developed by

theragun for sale uk with which, it is possible to reach 60% more depth at the muscular level, unlike vibration therapies, with which the percentage of muscle fibers treated increases. in a very relevant proportion.

With a rate of 40 percussions per second, the brain does not manage to capture the simulation performed on the muscle, so the therapy is more effective because a contraction triggered by the impact is not promoted.

We can program our Theragun Elite with a range between 1750 and 2400 percussions per minute (PPM) since each body is different when it comes to receiving and tolerating the impacts of its padded heads.

As a good complement to physiotherapy routines in consultation, we can program the different muscle patterns depending on the area, the time we have, and the level of relaxation we want to obtain. All thanks to its connectivity via Bluetooth through a fully functional mobile application.

It has different interchangeable padded heads to be able to adapt each of the therapies to the different muscles to be treated with shapes that go from a wedge to the classic ball.

A classic question is battery life as we always hope we can complete therapy with the convenience of being away from wires.

Well, Theragun Elite’s battery has about 120 ‘of autonomy so that you can make use of it with total independence and fulfill a more than ideal cycle of muscle relaxation.

In addition, you will enjoy your relaxation session in practically complete silence since its new QuietForce Technology QX65 motor reduces the classic sound of percussion machines to the minimum expression. It is even quieter than a standard electric toothbrush. That is the level.

theragun for sale uk

Obvious. We talk about it being a machine that you can use in multiple ways thanks to its great ergonomic grip that will make it easier for you to reach any corner and muscle group, it is the ideal companion to complement our scheduled daily activity, even with our bedside physiotherapy consultation.

With a minimum weight of just 1 kilogram, Theragun Elite has come to our homes to make muscle relaxation something everyday, practical, and very simple thanks to its ease of use through an OLED screen that can be connected in a moment to our mobile device to program your favorite therapy.

Five massage guns like those used by ‘influencers’ and athletes

We all want and need a massage from time to time … especially in times of tension and stress like the one we are experiencing.

That is why the phenomenon of the season is none other than massage guns. The last thing to carry out a good anti-stress session without leaving home is these devices that

That is why it is not surprising that it has become a very common accessory also among athletes, who apply the so-called “percussion therapy” to strengthen and prepare their muscles and treat them deeply. And it is that if at first glance, it seems that it is a kind of drill that hits superficially, nothing is further from reality.

Thanks to these fast and constant pulsations, “a neuromuscular response is achieved that reduces pain and accelerates blood flow”, as confirmed by the experts.



6 benefits of its use

  1. Activate circulation


  1. Reduces muscle pain


  1. Helps reduce cellulite and fluid retention


  1. Strengthens the muscle and contributes to its recovery


  1. Improves mobility


  1. Increases lymphatic drainage


So if you already had them registered and you had seen those hypnotic videos of influencers and athletes using them in their routines, the time has also come for you to try them yourself.

From  Buy Smart Fitness we have found and selected several options so that you can choose the one that best suits your budget and needs.


Although at the beginning most of the massage guns on the market were quite expensive, now that more brands have joined in their manufacture, they have become popular and considerably reduced their cost. That is why today we find endless options on buy smart fitness for all tastes and needs.

handheld muscle massage gun

It has three adjustable levels of massage and includes four different heads in its case. It exercises up to 46 percussions per second and 17 kg. pressure and, of course, it is ultra-quiet. “It is very well priced, they come complete pieces and a cloth suitcase, it is ideal for neck pain, arms or legs,” says one user.


percussive massage gun

This option is one of the ones with the most reviews on the platform. It is a part of the Renpho brand, one of the first to develop this type of device, and includes six heads in its briefcase.

n addition, an extra: its super adjustable arm from 5 different angles that allows you to save effort depending on the area in which you use it.

It has four levels of massage and, in addition to being silent, it is ultra light. Now it has its historical minimum price. “After a while reading reviews I decided on this brand that I already knew and everything I read was positive.

I have been using it every day for two weeks and I am really happy, I use it during exercise and after finishing. The unloading and muscular relaxation obtained when using it is incredible ”, comments one user.

handheld massager deep tissue

For a much lower price than the rest, but also accumulating almost 2,300 reviews, this is one of the good options we find to start using a massage gun.

It has 6 adjustable levels, four heads and offers an autonomy of three hours. “It comes with 4 heads designed for different areas of the body, from the neck to the calf. Its use is very simple ”, says one user.

klevagym massage gun uk

It is surprising that this option has a 5-star rating. It is from the ANFLAG brand and includes in its case five heads to combine with its five massage modes.

It has an LCD screen in which to adjust the intensity levels, modes and type of massage, it includes a storage case and it is ultra silent.

Massage with a maximum force of 18 kg. with a power of 60W and an ultra-long amplitude of 16 mm, to achieve a deep effect and appreciable results.

In addition to being ultra-easy to handle, its long-lasting battery charges in just two hours and offers a range of 10 hours.”It is a good product, well manufactured and it shows that it has quality.

I had never used one of these pistols before and I cannot compare it with others, but I am really convinced that the purchase has been a success.

The massage is powerful and the load of the battery is long-lasting, and most importantly, it does what it has to do and it does it with energy, ” says one user.

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