How to Get an NOC Document From Bajaj Finserv

An NOC or a No Objection Certificate is a necessary legal document provided by an organisation or agency that does not object to the agreement mentioned in the certificate.

Borrowers must note that in case of availing home loans for a registered property, they need to submit the NOC copy of the registrar of properties. If a borrower fails to do so, the right to the property continues to be with the lender.

Hence to avoid all this hassle, borrowers can access the user-friendly Bajaj Finserv customer portal, Experia to check and download the NOC certificate conveniently. Further, to streamline the process, one should know the steps to view and download the NOC or No-dues certificate.

Steps to Download NOC From Bajaj Customer Care Portal – Experia

Also termed a “No dues certificate”, NOC dictates that borrowers have repaid their dues to the financial institution. This certificate is required for a host of purposes, such as immigration, employment, litigation, etc.

Therefore, receiving this certificate declares an end of a loan cycle. Once the borrower repays the entire loan amount, they can download the NOC conveniently from the Bajaj Finserv customer portal.

By following the simple steps mentioned below, customers can download the NOC certificate from the Experia portal-

Step 1: Customers need to visit the Bajaj Finserv Experia portal

Step 2: Log in to the web portal by entering Customer ID and password

Step 3: Customers who are unable to access their password can also enter their registered mobile number and select “Continue” to generate an OTP, which will be sent to their registered mobile number

Step 4: Enter OTP for user authentication

Step 5: Confirm your contact details

Step 6: Go to the bottom on the right side of the page and select the “See details” option

Step 7: The customer is redirected to a new page. Then, select “No objection certificate” to view the document

Step 8: To complete the entire process, individuals need to select Bajaj Experia NOC download option from the Bajaj Finserv customer portal

Alternatively, borrowers can also download Bajaj Finserv Experia App to obtain the certificate conveniently.

When speaking of the portal’s utility, individuals can track other essential details related to financing and investment, such as EMI payments, overdue payments, loan account management, etc. Customers can also access their exclusive pre-approved offers through this portal.  These offers are available on several financial products, such as credit cards, personal loans, etc. Intending borrowers can check their online pre-approved offer by submitting their credentials.

Getting any information from this portal is quite simple and convenient. Customers just need to enter their Bajaj Finserv log in credentials and avail information at their convenience. Moreover, customers can also check the payment status of their EMI Network card by entering their Bajaj Finserv EMI card login details.

However, if borrowers have queries regarding their financial statement, they can request through the portal or app and avail Bajaj customer care direct solution.

Apart from these things, borrowers must note that there are certain implications for not receiving NOC documents from Bajaj Finserv or other financial institutions.

Impact of Not Receiving NOC

Not receiving the certificate can have a legal and financial impact. Read on to know-how-


  • Cause financial loss


If a borrower fails to receive an NOC from the respective lender, he/she may be asked to pay the outstanding amount they have already paid. However, proving that the amount is already paid can be a taxing process.


  • Affects credit score


An NOC letter is equally important as a credit score for timely repayment of EMIs. If a borrower hasn’t received an NOC for a previously taken loan, it can severely impact his/her credit score.


  • Legal issues


If a borrower does not furnish an NOC document, there will be no proof of due clearance, and the financial institution can sue the borrower for non-clearance of payment.

Hence, it can be said that by following the steps of availing NOC document from Bajaj Finserv customer portal, borrowers can secure the document easily to avoid any financial discrepancy or legal issues.

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