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Although getting married in the sand is a dream for many, guests may be confused about what to wear. The “beach” element allows you to dress casually, comfortably, and cool for the event, as opposed to formal dress codes like a cocktail, semi-formal or formal. You should consider the weather conditions, the season, and the location when choosing your beach attire.

What is Beach Wedding Attire?

Beach wedding dresses are just like any other wedding. You dress according to the formality, but unlike normal celebrations, there are a few small adjustments to accessories and fabrics that can make your experience much more pleasant.

Do a quick search to determine the formality of the venue. You can wear your usual outfit if the venue overlooks the beach from a patio or rooftop. If the ceremony/reception takes place on the sand, dress confidently and follow the beach vibes.

Ideas for choosing Your Beach Wedding Attire:

  • Beach Wedding Attire For Men and Women: The two most obvious differences between beach wedding attire and other wedding dress codes are the color scheme and footwear. At a beach wedding, you won’t see little black dresses and heels. Use breathable fabrics, fun prints, and high-end staples for an effortless-yet-refined beach wedding look. Avoid cotton t-shirts and denim at all costs. If the event is particularly casual, only wear sandals or shorts.
  • Tip for the Bride: Consider small touches that add to the theme, but not too much. To add an elegant beachy feel to your hair, you can use a sweet-grass clutch and a fishtail braid.
  • Beach Formal: For a beach wedding, you can wear a dress, suit or jumpsuit. Solid, lighter colors are best (eliminate black, cream, or white) and breathable materials. For beach formal wear, tea-length dresses or jumpsuits can be worn. Wear metallic or lace fabrics to enhance your elegance. Stilettos can be dangerous on the sand so wear heels that are chunky or formal. If you are not at the beach, consider bringing formal heels to the reception.

You can wear a suit, a shirt, and tie or a long-sleeved shirt with a tie and jacket. Avoid solid colors and avoid black, cream, or white. A summer suit is a perfect solution. You might consider a breathable fabric like linen, khaki, or seersucker. You will need dress shoes, or a pair of nice shoes to match the slacks. Shorts and sandals will not be allowed.

  • Beach Semi-Formal/Cocktail: Semi-formal can be achieved with a suit, suit, formal jumpsuit, or formal romper. Prints are allowed, but avoid anything too loud. To avoid appearing too casual, you can wear a beachy gown in tea-length or maxi. You can wear wedges, chunky heels, and dressy sandals.

A jacket is not necessary, but a unique blazer or breathable sport coat is an option. Prints are allowed, but avoid anything too loud. You can wear casual shoes, but they must be closed-toed, such as a loafer, or deck shoe. Shorts and sandals are prohibited.

  • Beach Casual: You can choose a simple sundress or breezy maxi, or a high-quality romper. Dressy sandals can be worn, but avoid flip-flops. You can wear polos and a nice short-sleeved shirts (think Chinos) with belts. Your casual look will be elevated by lighter colors and/or bolder prints. Avoid swim shorts, cargo, and denim. No cotton t-shirts allowed. Sandals are not allowed in this instance. However, you should ensure that your feet are well-maintained before wearing sandals. You can wear loafers or deck shoes if you don’t have the right footwear.
  • Beach Wedding Attire Etiquette: The formality of the dress code may be stated on the wedding invitation. Other times, the couple will request casual beach attire. If this is the case, it’s better to over-dress than under-dress. Dress for semi-formal events if the invitation does not indicate formality.

You can mix semi-formal wear with summer suits and breathable fabrics, as well as tropical touches. Beach casual weddings are not family outings at the beach. It’s still a wedding. You can leave your swimsuits and shorts at home. If you choose to wear sandals, be more formal than your usual beachy flip-flops. Sun hats are allowed, but they must be removed during the procession so that guests don’t get blocked.

Beach attire can be a breezy maxi, a seersucker or formal suit, or even a jumpsuit with palm prints. It’s a great way to show off your personality and to rock warm-weather favorites. Just make sure you apply sunscreen!




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