facebook avatar

Popular social networking company Facebook has been using the Avatar sticker feature for some time now. Keeping in mind the time of Holi, the festival of colors, the company has also unveiled additional color themes.

You can easily create your avatar on Facebook and wish good luck to your friends and relatives. Facebook has announced a new sticker to wish you a happy Holi.

How to make

To create an avatar, first download and update the Facebook app on your mobile. Now open the Facebook app and click on the three striped button on the right.

Now below you can see the See More option. Press on it. Now there you have to go to the Avatar option. Now you will find many skin tones from here.

Choose a skin tone that suits you. After the skin tone, proceed by personalizing the avatar from the options like hairstyle, color, facial texture, line, eye texture, eyebrows, glasses, hat, nose, lips, lip color, beard-mustache etc.

This way you can create your own avatar. Which you can use as a message, comment, profile, etc.

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