Compliment a Girl

How to Compliment a Girl without being a creep? This is something many guys have trouble with. It seems like when you compliment a girl, you automatically turn into a creepy guy. But you don’t have to be that type of guy! Here are some simple techniques to keep yourself from being a complete jerk.

How to Compliment a Girl without Being Creepy Until You Have Your Clothes on, Of course we all know that this is blatantly obvious, but some guys don’t pay attention to this simple rule. When you are talking to a girl, they will naturally assume that you would like to try out their clothes or something like that. So when you give her a compliment, make sure your clothing is at least turned on. That way, she will see your appreciation for her outfit and her looks, and it will show that you’re not just there to give her compliments; you also want her to be attracted to you as well.

When Giving compliments Don’t Compliment Her Physically If you notice that a girl is being complimented by a guy, then she is probably going to feel flattered. But the only thing you should ever do is start giving her compliments based on what she’s wearing. For example, if she’s wearing a short skirt, compliment her on her choice of shoes. Or if she’s wearing a nice top, compliment her on her sweater.

But How Do You Give a Good Compliment? It’s Not About Buying Her Things Or Saying That He Looks Good When you are giving compliments, the key is to give it without trying to be someone that you’re not. If you start using words like “You look so good” when you’re not exactly sure that she’s appreciate the compliment, she’s going to reject you because she’ll think that you don’t see her as herself. The trick is to use compliments in a way where it doesn’t seem like you’re trying to make her like yourself.

One example is to compliment her on a part of her outfit. For example, if she’s wearing a short skirt, compliment her on the cut of the skirt. Or if she’s wearing a really nice top, compliment her on the sweater that she’s wearing with it. These compliments won’t sound very complimentary if you’re giving them when she’s in her swimsuit, but they do work on a more formal occasion or in a less casual situation.

Another great method of complimenting a girl is with compliments in the tone of humor. You should always try to think of compliments in a way where you’re using the same words that she might have used to give you a compliment a few minutes ago. The best complimenting words are those that she doesn’t expect to hear from you.

One of the biggest problems with complimenting a girl is that you get the “you’re so smart I could have done it” compliment and then end up being un-confident. It can turn a girl off very quickly if you’re insecure about your appearance or weak in the sack. So, how do you avoid this? You compliment a girl with confidence! No matter what you’re doing, make sure that you are smiling and having fun with the girl.

One last tip for complimenting a woman is to compliment her on a hobby or past time that she enjoys. This gives her a sense of connection with you and can build a bit of trust. Make sure that you compliment her on it and that it is related to what she likes. You don’t want to give her lots of general body knowledge, only to have her tell you that she doesn’t really like it when you try to give her advice on something specific.

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