There is a rare of people who do not feel insecure about their data security. For the last many years the social engineering has become a common thing. This is the reason social engineering vulnerabilities also getting too much. Lots of people are facing different types of problems about these things each day. Even once I fall on this problem in my life. But there are a few things so that you can avoid all the social engineering risks. It’s time to know about them.

Avoid free software and tools

Most of the time, people use free software and operating system to save money. But this is not a wise practice. If you use such types of free things, you fall into a problem because all the free things contain harmful scripts. Once those scripts become active, they can break your computer security and hunt all your data.

Use valid antivirus

Trust me. If you use free antivirus, it will work against your computer. But most people do not seem interested to use paid antivirus. If you want to use antivirus, please get a paid and good antivirus unless there is no need to use free or crack antivirus. That can hamper your computer easily.

Don’t use unauthentic storage

While people use external storage devices like portable hard disks or pen drives, people do not maintain safety. But there is a possibility that that pen drive comes with malware or spyware things. So you have to make sure that the storage device you are going to use is safe.

I have fallen in 2 times on such type of problem. I lose all my data and information. Later I was searching on the internet about these things. And then I found some introductory lectures about this. Later I become more conscious. I hope soon you will become conscious about these things and able to avoid all types of vulnerabilities. Stay excellent and safe always.

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