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Do you know the item box is an ordinary case with a plain brown shade? What makes the dull packaging engaging is the Printed Box. It is the reason you must study the effective printing picks for making lovely boxes. You can make a lovely display of the item with these subtle printed cases. Why are brands after these printing methods and printed cases? It is because it engages the buyer with lovely patterns, colors, designs, etc. Many printing methods are accessible in the sector each of them has its benefits. So it depends on the firm how they use them and get full benefits from it.

Tips to Avoid Custom Printed Packaging Printing Mistakes

You spend hours creating lovely designs, but the result is not desirable when you print them on custom packaging boxes. Following are the errors that you face:

  • dull colors and low resolution
  • cut the margin of the pattern
  • color bleeds

If you have had such an issue in the past and are still dealing with it, then relax! Grab a cup of coffee and read this blog to avoid these design print mistakes.

Choosing Low-quality stuff for Box Packaging Design and prints

It is one of the most common mistakes that most of you make, and welcome to the series of other issues. Sometimes you pick the low-quality material for the boxes because they are on sale. So it is a must to do a little study before buying the boxes for the products. Look for the Packaging Companies Near Me and check for the following features in the stuff:

  • thickness
  • weight
  • enduring ability
  • porosity

These can help you make the best decisions when selecting the suitable carton material for the packing. Are you picking the cardboard stuff for the product boxes and printing? If yes, then check h quality of this paperboard material first. Never go for the low-quality and cheap corrugated material for the items’ cases.

Pick the right size of Custom Packaging.

The size of the boxes is as valuable as the perfect printing stuff. You have to learn which size of the box goes best with your pattern and designs. You can ask the printing firm to give you guidelines and an idea about the designs and box ratio. Some patterns and images do not look great on the small cases, and some artwork looks odd on the large cartons. Most of you think it is the pricing error, but it is because of the wrong selection of the boxes’ sizes.

Printed Box and High-Resolution Image

 Now it is the need of the hour to print lovely patterns and info on the boxes. It gives an idea of the buyers how the article looks when they get it. Would you like to create lousy boxes? If not, then go for the high-resolution printing of the image on the box. Remember customer do not like when you dodge the buyers with images. It is best to go for the high-definition printing on the packing to avoid negative impact from the people. If you compromise on the resolution, you will get a blurry picture that loses the pixels on the box.

No spelling Errors

It may look like small mistakes, but the parting package firm does that too often. Even the famous printing and Packaging Companies Near Me make some mistakes with spelling while printing the packing. The error damages the brands’ image and quality of the product in front of the buyers’ eye. User started to discuss the wrong spelling, and the item got a lousy reaction from buyers. Make a habit to probe read the content that you are going to print on the box.

Packaging Boxes prints and Proper Bleed

What is Bleed? It is an artwork that businesses have put on paper; the printing appears on the edge of the documents. So, it all depends on boxes’ sizes and measurements. Are you using the large boxes? It means you have permitted more bleed. You need to utilize correctly bleed if like the printing pattern to appear nicely on the boxes. Otherwise, your printers will never find the pattern correctly, and you can face delays in printing. So, whenever you use cardboard cases, always print them, permitting suitable bleeding as per the size.

 Quality Box Packaging Design

Without any graceful and engaging pattern, you can never leave a positive impact on people. It is the reason that brands work on picking a suitable pattern for packaging. You need to print the pattern elegantly with various color combos and more. So hire the firm that knows how to choose the best printing methods for correctly placing layouts and colors.

The Custom Printed Packaging borders and margins

While pasting the designs and info on the packing, you need to look for the borders and margins. Assure that you get various choices of items data and brand details. So, it would be best if you made the pattern in a well-looked and accurate meter. The slightest irregular pattern or line takes the customer’s attention away from the packing. So it is best to place borders and lines on the cases and print the designs and other detail without leaving any margins.

Printed Box crowding with text and fonts

Usually, print pattern mistakes are often layout errors. It looks illegible and shabby when you print a pattern, but you want a more readable pattern. Overcrowding, your pattern with various fonts and types will make it difficult to read and illegible. Only stick to two types of fonts and sizes.

Always kern the text, and it is the space between the characters of the text. When you mess up with kerning, then it makes the text difficult to read and understand.


 Now you have read about all the common printing mistakes you made while designing the box. Understand them and try to avoid such errors next time.

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