Regardless of how small, habits matter. According to James Clea, the author of atomic habits, our habits contribute to building our identity, both in a negative and in a positive sense. Because of this, developing a system of habits that corresponds to the person we want to be can be more effective than setting large goals that lead to a major transformation. Over time, the consequences of these habits help us to change and grow.

Most of our daily habits are small and because they are automatic, we almost do not notice them and how they affect our lives. We check our phones in anticipation of a lift. We turn over to a coffee pot before dressing for the day. What if we use these little moments to create habits that improve our happiness and our well-being?

Improve my daily happiness with positive habits

When I first heard Clear on podcasts, it was during my lifetime where things just felt like myself. My days felt hasty and messy. I moved from task to task, but I felt disconnected and shaken as I rotated. By the evening, I had no idea what’s good and bad about my day.

When I feel this way, my tendency is to answer, believing that I need my sh * t together, regardless of what it means: perhaps earning more money, publishing something big, somewhere in a sequel or lose a little weight. Of course, there should be some kind of great goal that I can set, which will give my days more purpose …

The problem with this line of thinking is that I respond more to the wheel rotation. I’ve been too focused on a single goal, and I know I will not be happy until I get to it. It does not concern the main problem that my daily life does not serve me as it could.

The work of Jasmine helped me pass this thinking. Although I mean a big picture, his work helped me see the benefits of watching a small picture to increase my pleasure, starting with my habits.

Small habits that make a big difference

To be completely honest, when he came to the regulation of the habits I needed to add to my days in order to improve my happiness, I felt overwhelmed. There are many things that could do the job, but after talking with Ashley Hampton, Ph.D., a licensed psychologist and entrepreneurial coach, and Melissa Green, a psychologist who specializes in using positive psychology to build happiness, I felt a bit more clear about what I want to fulfill. In particular, I decided to add to my days gratitude, deliberate actions of kindness and an early awakening time.

“Write down three good things that happened on the same day,” says Dr. Green. “Even if you do it for two weeks in succession, research in positive psychology has seen a great shift in mood. It trains you to start looking for those good things that happen.

When it comes to deliberate manifestations of kindness, Dr. Green explained that since people have each other, we really flourish in the feedback we receive when doing something that benefits another person.

Finally, I knew that before the time of awakening would be what I needed to feel less crazy, to feel more assembled before I got to the ground, working like mom at work.

Creating a habit of habits

“People find it difficult to create habits because they do not understand that their thoughts affect their feelings, affecting their behavior,” says Dr. Hampton. “Therefore, they do not attack all three parts to make them congruent.”

With this in mind, I dug into the science of habits, as stated in Claire’s book. Habits are performed in a cycle of cues, aspirations, reactions and rewards. Understanding this can help break down old habits and build new ones.

When you create a habit, remember this:

  • The show should be
  • The train makes a habit
  • The answer should be
  • The reward responds

This characterization of habits has helped me think about how it will look to build a congruent system that Dr. Hampton mentioned, setting himself up for success as I added happier habits to life.

For example, my practice of gratitude is what I did inconsistently, hoping that I will not forget to do it at some point every day. This time, I create a system that I know that it will work, putting it into a series of habits that I already have.

My cock rises to bed at the end of the day. Now my gratitude is the first thing I do after I slip through the covers. Taking a note from Claire’s book, I turn my striving for temptation – I always want to dig into any novel that I read at that time, so I set a precedent that I can open a book as soon as I record my three good things from of the day I support the answer easily, making sure I hold the pen and my thanksgiving magazine on my bedside table. Finally, I will reward myself for checking the magazine

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