How Packaging Manufacturers Enhance The Appeal of Subscription Service Providers?

 How Packaging Manufacturers Enhance The Appeal of Subscription Service Providers?

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) are what customers are demanding with their purchases. The increased volume of competition has made it mandatory to include custom boxes in the branding routine.

Over the past decade, buyer shopping preferences have gone from prioritizing the CPG’s quality to focusing on the boxes they come in. As a result, CPG brands are now competing on creating competitive packaging on top of manufacturing exceptional products.

How did such a change come about?

It wasn’t long ago that the CPG industry took shape. Customers, due to improved choices, needed an extra reason to buy from brands and assess their usefulness by. Distribution channels expanded to include international customers and that meant spending cleverly on the packaging so it traveled conveniently while protecting the items.

E-commerce gave customers more options to pick from. It has made competition both tough and at the same time stretched customer reach too. Local brands could pitch to global customers effectively using appropriate CPG packaging.

The only way that customers could be attracted and impressed is by customizing the boxes the products came in. It makes it possible to box just any CPG item type for the precise customers the brand wants to sell to. Standard boxes have been pushed aside due to their incapability to adhere to the varied customer and seller demands. Custom options paved the way for a better brand image that pleases customers and cuts potential losses.

What advantages do customized packaging boxes offer for improving branding possibilities?

On top of providing the ultimate security to every type of CPG item, the outer box designs are the best solution for branding. Here is how:

It provides a personal touch

Brands cannot package food items the same as hair care products. Nor can they capture younger generation customers the same way as the older ones. The packaging is what customers take into account to make a purchase decision. It must be of their liking and be in line with the product’s characteristics.

For instance, selling electronics in sleek boxes works better as boxing CBD items in organic packaging. The packaging creates the first customer contact and hence, is made to strongly extend the brand values. With so many mass-produced packaging boxes, the one that captures the exact customer needs by offering personalized elements surely sticks out. CPG brands can use the boxes to convey their individual brand ethos so customers remember the brand image promptly.

Imbibe the current trends

Going custom for CPG packaging is relevant because the latest events and trending features can be easily imbibed in the boxes.

For example, beverage companies use sports events to promote their brand. They cast celebrities to endorse their labels and even offer competitions to meet popular sports personalities. Likewise, cosmetic brands use current occasions such as Christmas and Valentine to sell their products. Specialist packaging designs appear on the custom boxes for a ‘limited-time’ edition. Such custom additions and alterations are a great way to alter customers’ focus and expand branding to more customer groups.

Constant reinvention

Marketers advise brands to keep reinventing their image so customers don’t get bored. Nutella did an experiment in Italy a while ago where it produced 7 million one-of-a-kind jars with the same brand logo.

While keeping the brand identity intact, the box look is changeable using custom box elements. These include:

  • Different schemes of colors. Colors have a huge visual impact and altering their combo gives a fresh brand look.
  • Creative patterns and drawings on the boxes. Renewed box designs definitely attract more customers and get the brand messages across swiftly.
  • Using different font styles and printed content. New marketing materials always top the list for capturing a higher number of readers.
  • Altering the shape of the boxes. This works most effectively to give a better shopping experience.

Reports have found out that customers usually have an attention span of 5 seconds. It is essential that the boxes make a mark within this time frame. Rotating box designs are perfect to maintain customers’ interest in the CPG brand.

custom boxes

Exhibiting a real brand feel

Customization allows the brands to project a relatable brand image. Customers are extremely knowledgeable and appreciate a fair display of products. A recent study reveals that as high as 86% of customers agree to be attracted to brands that exhibit authenticity.

CPG brands use product illustrations that are fair and closest to reality. Using standard boxes cannot be translated into establishing a direct link with buyers. Expert box manufacturers are the go-to choice for most sellers to present their CPG items in the most real and fascinating manner. Doing otherwise can mean a loss of customers and brand goodwill in the market.

How can CPG brands become customers’ favorites?

Young customers are picky about the brands they choose. The brands must concentrate on giving superior shopping vibes to foster customer loyalty. Whether selling at tangible stores or online portals, the packaging boxes determine growth in the CPG industry.

Box makers are high in demand because they have what it takes to present the brand in the best fashion. No matter what the product type is the boxes can make it look suitable to the customers’ demands by designing the boxes accordingly.

With so many competitors entering the industry, it has never been more critical to consider the packaging of CPG items. Figuring out what customers react to becomes possible with the help of experienced box designers who have extensive knowledge of the field.

Effective and customized boxes are the solution to rapidly changing customer tastes and industry dynamics. The recent Covid-19 wave has tested the packaging limits of CPG brands. They have to comply with newer and stiffer packaging guidelines and customizing the boxes is the only way to keep up with these changes.


By now, you would agree that custom boxes maximize the branding prospects of CPG brands. The activity makes brand promotions convenient and affordable while converting passing-by shoppers into loyal customers who vouch for the brand.



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